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  • Hello I am a Social Therapist that wants to help anyone who would like to talk to me

  • i just became an uncle tonight. only problem is my sister and i cant stand each other and we havent spoke in 6 months . how do i enter my sisters life to befriend my niece?

  • if you just became an uncle tonight, congratulations! if you and your sister have not spoken in 6 months then you two need a time to catch up again. find out what is causing the tension between you two and talk it out. if you need a chance for you to talk, use family party opportunities to meet up with her. if there are none coming up, make one and invite your family as well as your sister and then you two can for sure settle the tension between you.
    good luck!
    -Your Social Therapist

  • Well imO SLO maybe send her flowers to congratulate her on the new daughter& maybe something cute for baby girl..go to baby's Rus etc sincere she will see your hearts intentions I'll be one step at a time but you'll be on your way or least trying..I have 1 sibling in LA it's my sis we where always ok talking even when I hated her bfs lol 👌 and I beat down a few lol..
    Good luck dude

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