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    @Global-Moderators @TalkWithStranger As a gay, I found out that I cannot post posts longer than 32767 character(s). This discrimination needs to stop. People of all orientations should be given the opportunity to type much longer posts <3
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  • I don't think I've noticed that, as a gay, you are that many bytes more interesting than you would be unqualified. As a non-gay, can I suggest splitting your posts for effect and not posting uninteresting mini novels? Or it that a novelette?

  • @AllAboutGay
    You can just post 2 topics

  • Between 32767 and 42767 is the optimal wordcount to fit with the sophisticated attention span of today's young people. I know that, I, for one, can't absorb any kind of NUANCE or MEANING unless I see a page that's DENSE with words, and even then I'm as much reading as I am looking for a HIDDEN MAGIC EYE image of, say, Big Chunga fighting Pepe the Frog for the fate of civilisation.

  • I am the type that would rather talk about what makes you happy than about the size of dicks.
    As that type you won't get much response to queries about dick size.
    Other types are obsessed with dick size so talk of dick size will be delightfully accepted as on topic.
    Data types are basically single purpose. with an integer type is possible to keep track of 32767 pieces of information with one single byte, i mean 2 bytes being the keeper of the value.

    If you only need to account for a specific value the data type that allows that is what you want. I'm from a time when bytes were valuable and conserving as many as possible was the goal.
    See, this is what happens when you're bored but not enough to play with yourself with strangers.

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡

    I cannot count how many times I have lost text trying to keep my messages at 1000 characters or less inevitably I will click send and find out that I'm limited to a thousand characters when I have 5962 characters on the tech trying to figure out where the cutoff is on it and save the rest of the text so that I can post it in six individual messages losing at least half of them in the process. all those thoughts emotions and feelings down the drain sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse but gone none the less.
    Can we maybe increase the 1000 character limit to 2,000 or 3,000?

  • Use your brain to limit your thoughts to the allowable characters. It's more fun I think you'll find. There's no limits to amount of rambling one can do given the freedom.

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡

    My imagination cannot be limited 2 x number of characters.
    Not only that I am a Gemini.
    Also included in the pertinent information I am an artist. Art cannot be censored in any way shape or form and still remain true to what the artist intended.
    Vocabulary is one of my strong suits however usage is not.
    I am old growing senile and I am a drug user so I am prone to senseless ramblings.
    I am also a prolific lover who likes a lot of foreplay.
    1000 characters is nowhere near enough for me to adequately satisfy either my needs or impress upon the girl that I'm sexting with what my intentions truly are. It is these reason among others that I respectfully request more than 1000 characters per message.

  • @Div
    So now u r learning about databases ?

  • @Div
    Well we live in different country man !

  • Limiting the storage space you are entitled to is only censorship if your desire is to exceed said limits. If you are old enough you should learn by now how many things can be said succinctly and beautifully without the need for embellishment. Painting in the lines may be a chore but the finished picture is more pleasing.

  • Your point about sexting is one I've not been able to understand. If you want your partner to read a book while you play with them where's the attention to detail you should be looking for.?

  • Sarah's Fan Club PM MORBHEAD

    I love you

  • data types

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡

    @Don-Rose said in Posts need to be much longer than 32767 character(s):

    Your point about sexting is one I've not been able to understand. If you want your partner to read a book while you play with them where's the attention to detail you should be looking for.?

    Paying attention to detail is one of the things that causes the post to run over the 1000 character limit.

  • @wet-teri
    You can't see the forest for the trees that way. The forest is where it's at.

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