The schedule of teacher training

  • The core role of a teacher is to mentor the students in fashion that is informative, efficient and progressive. There are training programmes at each of the various levels of teaching, all to help promote a better service and give the uniform approach to progression in the teaching system.

    To achieve this you must understand the procedures and policies that have been designed for prospective and current teachers to gain and develop skills, knowledge and behaviour to perform the tasks at hand. When the decision has been made to enter into teaching as a career, you should seek out the relevant courses of initial teacher training which form a pre-service course to complete before venturing in to a functioning classroom in the community.

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    There then follows an induction course which will run alongside your first placement at a school or teaching post. The induction process allows the trainee to experience the day to day interaction with students while under the supervision of a qualified teacher, who shadows the inductee for anywhere between one to three years.

    This is dependent on the type of education centre selected, as differing sectors have differing requirements. The faculty will also have specific requirements for the lengths of induction programmes, which depend on the size of classes and total faculty population. On completion of induction, the classroom will become your territory and from there the CPD (continual professional development) of the teaching role. This programme will be monitored by the faculty and applies to all practising teachers.

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