• The Gospel of Thomas is a collection of traditional Sayings
    (logoi) of Jesus. It is attributed to Didymos Judas Thomas, the
    "Doubting Thomas" of the canonical Gospels, and according to many
    early traditions, the twin brother of Jesus ("didymos" means
    "twin" in Greek).
    We have two versions of the Gospel of Thomas today. The
    first was discovered in the late 1800's among the Oxyrhynchus
    Papyri, and consists of fragments of a Greek version, which has
    been dated to c. 200. The second is a complete version, in
    Coptic, from Codex II of the Nag Hammadi finds. Thomas was
    probably first written in Greek (or possibly even Syriac or
    Aramaic) sometime between the mid 1st and 2nd centuries.
    There has been much speculation on the relationship of
    Thomas to the canonical Gospels. Many Sayings in Thomas have
    parallels with the New Testament Sayings, especially those found
    in the synoptic Gospels. This leads many to believe that Thomas
    was also based on the so-called "Q" Document, along with Matthew,
    Luke, and Mark. Indeed, some have speculated that Thomas may in
    fact be "Q". Unlike the synoptic Gospels, and like "Q", the
    Gospel of Thomas has no narrative connecting the various Sayings.


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