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    The Willow Tree

    The willow tree so terribly distorted.
    Great big branches of tandem melancholy, and immense gravity.
    The kind of pull on the back of the throat.
    The great big lump, you wish would flee.

    The willow tree that so happily grows
    From darkness through dirt, rises, as water flows
    To the tendrils of the night, it's only but asleep
    To the day, the tree welcomes, the rays the sun throws
    Cast into the land years upon years ago
    Growing through the struggle, growing steadily and so,
    Here we have today, the grand figure, that should weep
    Encasing sadness in its branches, we name her, the willow

    Or is this, could this be, another trick?
    A scheme, a theme, plan, cover up, or schtick?
    Meant to throw any off course in our own ways of life?
    Why, oh why willow, are your branches so very thick.
    No room to sway, or move the smallest away.
    No room for change, no words left to say

    Fate to be decided, here the tree remains
    Encrusted with sadness,grief,guilt, and many pains
    Here we view the willow, the saddest tree of all
    With one great giant, comes an even greater fall