• Hi. I am in desperate need of a pro ana coach because I have been falling out of line lately. I do not have kit, but I email or text. I am in need a coach who will be strict with me and a coach that is active. If anybody knows anyone who can help me please tell me. I am waiting for my next hospital evaluation to see if I have to go out patient, so I may not be as restricting food as usual. I
    really need help though. I have been slacking off with restricting food and need someone to tell me that I need to eat less etc. Also, I am open to any tips on how to hide food.

  • Hey im not a coach but I found an amazing coach that helped a lot. He is a guy but he was not pervy with me. He does need body checks and yeah. His email is [email protected] tell him you found out about him from Melody. Hope this helps!

  • download kik or snap

  • @Gabriella-Wall send me a message if you are still looking. I can coach you.

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