Look upside down

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    Do you remember the time of your childhood, when you observed the clouds moving above you? When you tried to guess what kind of figure each cloud is looked like.

    Few days ago I got a night flight. The weather was so grim, clouds covered horizon from one edge to another transforming it in a single monochrome ceiling. When the aircraft raised above the clouds, I saw a clean black sky, which was full of stars, and the gray waved field located below. Monotone picture, fulfilled with the boring song of engines. But suddenly I started to noticed some kind of figures of light, that were slowly moving from one side to another. Of course it were the light's reflections on the clouds. Light that belongs to the illumination of towns and cities, which aircraft was passing by. And this islands of light in the gray sea, looked similar as the clouds in sunny sky. The only differences were - the dark color palette and someone rotated the image 180 degrees, as I looked at them upside down.

    This text doesn't contain any thoughts or messages. Just a print screen, which I wished to share.

  • is your avatar David Bowie?

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    @mikeJB No. It is a portrait of Thomas Jerome Newton.

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