• 1 - Would you rather date with the most hot girl in the world and she had no money, or date with the ugliest and was very rich?

    2 - Would you rather lose your mom to a stranger or see your father in the jail?

    3 - Would you rather not be able to contact with any kind of smartphones or lose your both arms? (both for the rest of your life)

    4 - Would you rather be with an abusive person evey day for a decade or stay the rest of your life with a boring and quiet person?

    5 - Would you rather get five dollars each time one of your hair falls or make anyone fall in love with you?

    6 - Would you rather spend the rest of your life in a wheel chair and have three close friends or be able to walk with no friends?

    7 - Would you rather risk yourself by giving your personal data to a stranger or to someone publish a nude of you in social media?

    8 - Would you rather assist a concert of your favourite band and not be able to phonecall anyone or go on an adventure in the woods with full charged phone, during the night?

    9 - Would you rather have social anxiety or being gay?

    10 - Would you rather wasting your time on reading this or talking to a stranger and winning 500$?

    Too bad, I ain't have 500$ for you.

  • Easy stuff for me.

    Date the hottest girl, I'm already rich.

    Lose my mom, I hate her and don't care. My dad is an alright guy who wouldn't survive in jail due to mental issues.

    Not be able to contact with a smartphone. I don't really care about that stuff. Plus if you had no arms it'd be difficult to use a smartphone in the first place.

    Boring and quiet. I can have fun on my own and come back to a relaxing person.

    Get five dollars, even though I don't care about money. There's no point to love if you don't earn it.

    In a wheelchair. I value my friendships, and i'd get used to being in the wheelchair.

    Someone can publish a nude of me online, i don't really care.

    What even is that question? Go on an adventure I guess.

    I already have a bit of social anxiety, and i'm not gay. Nor would I like to be.

    Waste my time. I don't care for money.

  • Gamers

    1 - Hot girl, monetary status doesn't contribute towards attractiveness to me. We all have our ups and downs!

    2 - My father has never been an active part of my life, if her were in jail I probably wouldn't notice.

    3 - Lose the smartphone... I survived before them I can survive after them.

    4 - Boring and quiet... Abusive doesn't mean exciting, and neither choice means I have to go along with it.

    5 - Hair falls... one of the wonderful things about life is that everyone is different. It is those differences that make people fall in and out of love with one another... and I wouldn't change it

    6 - If it's not a wheelchair, something else will get us eventually. I'll keep the friends thanks. Three good friends is more than most as well.

    7 - Personal data... I already live pretty much in the public arena, whereas the conservative mindset of the world means a nude leak could ruin my employment.

    8 - Assist the concert... phones are for when nothing else is going on... why would you want to ruin what you're experiencing to play on your phone?

    9 - I'd rather be gay... easy choice. I don't associate anything negative with being gay.

    10 - Talk to the stranger with $500 lol... show me da money!

  • Gamers

    1 - The ugliest and was very rich.
    2 - Either wouldn't bother me.
    3 - contact with any kind of smartphone, there are other ways of contact
    4 - a boring and quiet person- sounds more entertaining and I'm tired of drama
    5 - get five dollars each time one of your hair falls- I could use the money
    6 - wheel chair and have three close friends- since the friends would make life worth living
    7 - to someone publish a nude of you in social media- with personal info they can do more damage
    8 - an adventure in the woods with full charged phone, during the night- sonds more entertaining
    9 - being gay- cuz that way I can still socialize
    10 - Winning $500- then I don't have very far to go for that laptop I want

  • hot girl
    father in jail
    fu## phone
    boring person
    make anyone fall in love with me
    walk with no friends
    oersonal data to stranger
    no phone call
    being gay i guess
    wasting my time for u