Take it seriously, please. I really need a proanachoach

  • I've been in this community for years now, an I think I'm going back to it.
    You probably will call me stupid and crazy for doing this, but I dont care at all, so your words are pointless for me.

    I need a strict coach, who wont be afraid to call me names or tell me I'm doing great.

    I put o weight a lot. From 31kg to 62kg now in 2 years.

    But no pictures.
    No nude pics at least and NO until you help me lose at least 5 kg.
    It's a lot, but only then we can work together.
    I need someone like in "starving in suburbia" movie.
    I speak English and Polish.

    Please txt me by my email - [email protected]

  • Banned

    @EmiRiin send private messagge

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