Raven WCW calling videogames4life

  • As we agreed, here's something to track me down by.

  • Hi RavenWCW, just wanted to let u know that I haven't forgotten u. I'm using a fake email so I can talk to u. If ur wondering why my username is different, it's cause the website won't let me use videogames4life anymore.
    plus, wanted to let u know that I figured out why discord wasn't working for me, and I fixed it, so I figured that I would DM u a friend request but ur discord username doesn't work, I tried sending u a friend request but it says the username is incorrect.
    I probably won't see ur reply later today if u respond, cause I won't be on here later, but I'll be sure to be checking
    everyday to see if u have replied.
    plz reply ASAP
    plz don't forget me

  • Oh I was waiting and honestly, it was a great surprise to see this; hey, accept my follow request, we will take it there and we will coordinate from there where we will be more private.

    God bless, no, I didnt forget you, and thanks for answering me, making an account on here and following thru.

    Hope this reply was quick enough, damn timezones!


  • Accept my follow request, your settings wont allow me to DM you on here; we will take it to DMs for more privacy.

  • Raven WCW! so glad u replied! Sorry I couldn't answer ur post sooner, my internet connection was off all freaking morning, lol. It just turned on so I figured I would check to see if u answered, so happy u did!
    And yes, I'll accept ur follow request rn. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Awesome to talk again!

  • hey, just sent u a DM, let me know when u get it. btw, idk if I accepted ur follow request cause idk how XD
    lemme know if I did it right too, k? lol
    I'll be waiting for ur reply. 🙂

  • Here's my discord btw:

  • I sent u a friend request on Discord not too long ago, guess it was just a tech problem last time, probably why it wasn't working before lol
    Accept it so we can DM each other.
    Talk to u soon!

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