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    Hey! So I've been dating my boyfriend for almost 8 months now and we've been intimate multiple times and we are both interested in exhibitionism, voyeurism, and bringing other people into our endeavors.

    The other day his friend was over at his house while I was there and me and my boyfriend were trying to be discreetly intimate from the large couch in his room (there's a smaller one behind it and that's where his friend was) and I may or may not have accidentally gotten noisy more than once and his friend was starting to notice what we were doing and so my boyfriend told me to start getting louder and more active about it. This is the first time he had told me to do this and the first time we had done something like this in front of other people. Of course because we have a d/s type of sexual relationship I did. He had me get louder as he played with me and had me announce when I was finishing for him.
    His friend was kind of weird about it however didn't tell us to stop. My boyfriend told me later that it turned his friend on for us to do that with him still in the room.

    Today , I went back over to his house and his friend was still there (he's spending a week over there) and at first it was just the three of us chilling on the larger couch. The friend had gotten comfortable and I had my legs across his lap and my head in my boyfriend's. (We're all pretty close) My boyfriend kept playing with my breasts at random, which are super sensitive, making me make noise because of the combination of shock and pleasure. The friend at first seemed uncomfortable with it but eventually it didn't really visibly bother him other than the fact that could feel him under my legs, of which I ignored. Closer to when I was about to go home my boyfriend moved his hand down to my lower parts and started rubbing me, which of course made me get louder again. The friend noticed what was going on (still holding my legs) and decided to help my boyfriend by pushing my legs apart.

    I'm not entirely sure how to feel about the entire thing, although I loved it, I feel really weird about having let my boyfriend's friend help him in touching me, even if the friend didn't really touch me himself. He didn't even see anything because there was a blanket over me.

    Also besides that my boyfriend and I are wanting to start trying anal. And although I am completely open to it I still feel really weird about it. I bought butt plugs to try to stretch it out so it would be easier when we decide to do it and I have a dildo to try to make sure it's stretched big enough for him to go in decently easily. Well, tonight I tried putting in the dildo and I was able to get it in (about 7 out of 8 inches of it). Should I keep using the dildo for a while and tell my boyfriend in another couple weeks when I'm sure that he will be able to do it anytime we decided to do it? For those who have done anal before are there any tips you can give me or my boyfriend as to how to keep from accidentally hurting ourselves in the process? Thank you anyone for any input or thoughts! I greatly appreciate it!

  • @female_18_ Very hot story msg me personally I will let you know

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