Another missed station in the subway

  • Global Veteran Hella Assassins

    The sound of train's iron wheels in the subway is muting everything, but periodically mobile network appears and I can post a topic. I've missed my stop and now riding somewhere under the ground. What a hell, where am I? And it look's like that the last station was an hour ago, so strange..

    Why so long? And why am I alone in the carriage? Did worm-train's door-jaws grind other passengers? Damn.. It looks like
    some kind of technical tunnel, and subway's services didn't notice me when the train reached the final stop.. And now I am nowhere..

    What is it? Another station? Oh, finally a fresh breath, but I've never been there. Nevermind as I have no other choice. I need to exit this labyrinth. No escalators only staircases. What awaits for me on the top of this ziggurat? A bless of the ancient gods or a human sacrifice?

    Neigther.. The only thing that I see right now in front of me - is the large forest, where giant dandelions grows instead of trees. I wish to have a rest in the shadow of the flower's leaves here, but this place isn't my home.

    So I had to return back, to the underground, to the tunnel, where is no light in the end, and I had to find another way.

    P.S. Take care about yourselves and don't miss your stations.

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