Why do short posts get more likes?

  • Hi there strangers and lurkers.

    I do wonder why people prefer to upvote short posts instead of detailed ones.

    Recently I have made a post (comment, actually) containing only my value judgment about the topic. I received 3 ups. “Why have you done so, people! What such an important thing have I said!” Were my thoughts. Well… maybe not exactly like that, but I was surprised anyway.

    Just think, folks, value judgment is nothing more than a subjective opinion, which can’t be an objective truth; it’s just an assessment of the object, idea or phenomenon according to your personal system of scales. That’s how I get it. But this is my personal opinion, which can’t be objective.

    So forget what I said, because I can see only projections, I can’t see the whole truth in 3D, neither can everybody else. Therefore you shouldn’t believe to anybody. And you shouldn’t believe to yourself. I meant u can come to such conclusions. But u shouldn’t. Because this paragraph is a subjective opinion too.

    If being serious, I bet there are people that may agree with some of my conclusions after reading it without paying attention to the kind of education I got. And I got technical education. So I am an amateur in such questions in addition to being subjective as a human. Maybe you even were going to upvote the amateur’s post. Think again.

    To summarize, I have been upvoted for the value judgement of the topic, which I am not expert at. I’ve been upvoted for incorrect information. I didn’t have intentions to fool someone, though. I am just a mortal.

    I ain’t complaining for being upvoted, I’m just curious why people do it.

    Maybe we should be careful when we are going to upvote someone’s post. Does it really worth it?

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    I can't get rid from the sense, that I just read something from my mind. When I landed here for the first time, I asked myself nearly the same questions. Not everyone likes deep topics, unfortunately. Don't try to change them. Despite of it, you will find an audience here anyway, that will be worth for writing for them.

  • Upvote everyone no matter what they post!

  • I usually upvote peoples posts. Unless, its pervish, racist, or rude. Then, nahhh.

  • nobody likes to read long posts lol

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