• Hi there strangers and lurkers.

    I do wonder why people prefer to upvote short posts instead of detailed ones.

    Recently I have made a post (comment, actually) containing only my value judgment about the topic. I received 3 ups. “Why have you done so, people! What such an important thing have I said!” Were my thoughts. Well… maybe not exactly like that, but I was surprised anyway.

    Just think, folks, value judgment is nothing more than a subjective opinion, which can’t be an objective truth; it’s just an assessment of the object, idea or phenomenon according to your personal system of scales. That’s how I get it. But this is my personal opinion, which can’t be objective.

    So forget what I said, because I can see only projections, I can’t see the whole truth in 3D, neither can everybody else. Therefore you shouldn’t believe to anybody. And you shouldn’t believe to yourself. I meant u can come to such conclusions. But u shouldn’t. Because this paragraph is a subjective opinion too.

    If being serious, I bet there are people that may agree with some of my conclusions after reading it without paying attention to the kind of education I got. And I got technical education. So I am an amateur in such questions in addition to being subjective as a human. Maybe you even were going to upvote the amateur’s post. Think again.

    To summarize, I have been upvoted for the value judgement of the topic, which I am not expert at. I’ve been upvoted for incorrect information. I didn’t have intentions to fool someone, though. I am just a mortal.

    I ain’t complaining for being upvoted, I’m just curious why people do it.

    Maybe we should be careful when we are going to upvote someone’s post. Does it really worth it?

  • I usually upvote peoples posts. Unless, its pervish, racist, or rude. Then, nahhh.

  • nobody likes to read long posts lol

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