What's the craziest date you ever had?

  • Let's talk to some dating adventures of your life !!

  • First, I share my story's !!!

    I met this really cute guy at a party. We hit it off and he asked me out for dinner. Yay!

    When he came to ‘pick me up’ it turned out I’d need to drive; his car was in the shop and a friend had dropped him off.

    No biggie, but I wish I’d known ahead of time since my car generally has about 14 pairs of shoes riding around in it and I could have done something about that.

    We’re headed off to the restaurant we had agreed on when he says, “Oh, and you’re going to need to pay for dinner. I lost my job a few weeks ago and I’m really broke. That’s cool though, right?”

    I turned the car around and went home. No, you can’t come in. Call the friend who dropped you off and have them come get you.

    Nope, not gonna happen. Don’t need none of that.

    If he had been honest from the beginning, I’d have been fine with planning something free or cheap - going to a park or having coffee or whatever. But this whole bait and switch thing just wasn’t cool. Too many Big Red Flags.

    Another time, when I was trying online dating, I had a few doozies.

    1. One guy, who was very proud of being Dutch, showed up for cocktails in actual wooden clogs. The only thing he wanted to talk about was how cool being Dutch was.

    2. Another guy met me at a bar and immediately told me he’s actually married and looking for someone to have a threesome with his wife. She hadn’t actually agreed to such a thing, but, “You’re so hot, I know she’ll be down for it when she sees you!” Nope.

    3. And there was this really sweet guy who was cute enough and fun and smart…but his voice sounded, I kid you not, just like Minnie Mouse. I just couldn’t take the poor guy seriously and told him we couldn’t date. We were friends and hung out for a while, until he revealed that he had a huge crush on me and we agreed the friends thing wasn’t working. I felt a little bad about that, but every time he opened his mouth I just wanted to giggle.

  • After dinner as we're walking to the car he puts his arm around my shoulders. I'm wearing a tank top therefore have bare arms. He strokes my arm and looks at me, completely serious mind you..."Your skin is so soft, I wish I could cut this piece out of you so I could feel it all the time".
    Big what the f*ck moment for me and no we didn't see each other again after that night.

  • (; My birthday fun 🙂
    it was my 19th birthday at a club in my home town, when it turned midnight, onto my actual birthday i decided i wanted to celebrate with some sex. i walked to the toilets and found the cutest boy nearby.
    i walked up to him, took his hand, and without saying anything, i took him into the girls toilets and fucked him. i told him i would be wanting more of that and that i would come and find him later. he was only about 17 and too scared to say anything. i found him and fucked him two more times that night and i didnt say another word to him the whole time. i never knew his name and wouldnt recognise him, even if he spoke to me. but it was a great start to my birthday.

  • One Woman Army Music Lovers

    a year ago, i went on a date with a very nice guy i had met on tinder. literally a minute after we met up, he tripped over a curb and fell face-first on the sidewalk. i had to drive him to the hospital and he ended up with chipped teeth.
    it was awful, i felt so incredibly bad for the guy. he was a real trooper tho, even apologized for ruining the date, although it wasn't his fault at all lol

  • @Lazz Thanks for the "point"

  • @rimaskawa Your story are awesome. thanks!

  • Soul Searchers

    I've never been on a real "date"
    I either hooked up or hung out

  • BOT

    Very large

  • @Dharmendra-yadav plz share that

  • @rimaskawa I read the title of this post, as it referred to craziest dates. Then was asked about "sexual adventures" and I became confused. I've had a fair amount of both, but they are far from synonymous.

  • We were at the beach! It was a crazy night

  • @rimaskawa Anytime

  • @avacraiguk That "date" sounds like some creepy horror movie. I've had my share of the really BAD dates, but nothing like yours, I'm thankful to say. I feel for you

  • BOT Chocolate lovers ;) Watch Anime Eyes Music Lovers Gamers

    Some pansexual girl wanted me to become trans ,i mean yeah she was very attractive but after dating someone and she says "I want you to be trans, a black adopted kid so we have this mixed family and no meat" to me at least, i found it weird so nope.

  • @tiffany_b WOW! very nice story, Thank you

  • @rimaskawa so big story dear, 🙂

  • Having Shintaro Midorima shoot a full pointer for me, for hugs and kisses.

  • that date I had with you the other day

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