Some kind of the old memories from the afterlife

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    When you live so long, all the memories are mess in a one single day. Facts are melting with each other, and all stories have the same ending. Today is the 13th Friday. Long time ago in a galaxy far far away, the emperor Phillip the 4th, make an order 66. As a result an Order of The Templar Knights was eliminated. It was happened in on the 13th Friday in October 1307. Legend says that knights were were burned alive. And the reason of this elimination was one golden cup, that served once as as a receptacle for the blood.. And today we hear the screams of the past.. I am trying to read the tea lives, I am trying to ask the spirits, but instead of the hexagram with six lines, I get the eight numbers filled with ones.. Two.. Five.. Six..
    Everything is mixed in one single day.. And I can non understand all of this.. I am trying to find a familiar face in the crowd, but see only a brethren from the previous century.. I don't want to choose, but the choice have been already made.. And at the end, everything is going to it's begging. And a new story starts. The words are the same, but the plot maybe a bit different. I am trying to find the rest in the winds, that whispered me an old fairy tale: "Thus have I heard. At one time the Blessed One was dwelling in Rājgṛha at Vulture Peak mountain...."

  • A group of boys decided to make a concerted effort to misbehave in the Home Economics class of Rajgrha Primary School. I was usually a good and respectful boy, but on that day, I decided to act 'The Giddy Goat' in order that the teacher would send me outside into the warm sunshine to be with my compatriots. It was while we were standing around the ramshackle school, we all noticed that The Buddha was meditating on a nearby mountain top. Obviously, being rapscallions, we decided to tip-toe up to him and 'mess' with him while he had his eyes closed. Using Post-It notes we'd stolen from the school stationary room, we wrote thousands of silly messages and stuck them all over the Buddha's toga.


    Steven McCombe drew a huge coch and balles and stuck it on Buddha's forehead. Why does he always have to take things too far and spoil things for the rest of us?

  • Mind blown.

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    @spaceboy Someone's been in the candy jar, again. Probably.

  • @spaceboy at least those memories stay there till you feel like "this is not only about nemory"

  • @spaceboy coz memory aint that good to remember

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    @ADeadGhost said in Some kind of the old memories from the afterlife:

    @spaceboy at least those memories stay there till you feel like "this is not only about memory"

    Sometimes, I don't even know how to title that blast of thoughts. And it is a headache to choose the title. In some cases random choice is not the worst one. Read between the lines.

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