• The pearly gates, the furry taco, the love box, the cunnie, the cooch, the velvet purse. By whichever term, why do you go down? Are you asked to? Do YOU ask to? Do you enjoy it, or would you rather not, but do it anyway? Or have you never, and WILL never, and why? Share your story. Heaven, or hell! Feast or...FORGET IT! You get the idea.

  • @Lazz.....Cause the pussy good......or so i was told...cough cough

  • @Lazz

    I have yet to find a girl that dislikes you to go down on them, if your girl likes something why shouldn't you do it? At least for me that's how I think about it! 🤷

  • @Lurker Good man. I share your opinion and enthusiasm. Truth be told. BRAVO!

  • @NeedyDumbass I wholeheartedly agree. No shame. And I do aim to please, so it's a win-win

  • @NeedyDumbass Better take someone something for that cough you've got. Something sweet and slick to soothe that sore throat. And I'm glad you chimed in, for Team V, by the way

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