Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?

  • how come people in 2017 still beilve that islam is a religion of terrorist . did anyone of you visited a muslim country . did they blow you ? i mean wtf guysits 2017 ... dont copy what the media says to ur small mind and put it here to proove noting but shit . be real .do you really think 9/11 benladen's deed . come on ... didnt jorje bucsh said he killed benladen . then obam killed him again ... i mean like what the hell people .are there more stupid people in the world . the goal from this topic is to change for the best .not to mke it worst .what about the american muslims . the uk muslims people from all over the world are they all terrorist or just the arabs . come on be smart

  • @ze well said ^^

  • i aint saying muslims dont do bad things,some of us do horrible things but the reason its potrayed badly is because of the christian influence over the world its set to demonize islam, back in the good ol days muslims was just chillin in the desert gettin fuckin turnt wit camels and shit, but the pope wasnt having it they hated us, we were to cool we eliminated rascism freed slaves, and you could have more than one wife, it was fuckin chill , so the pope tryed to get rid of us woops the crusades and they got theyre ass wopped and millions converted that bitterness still continous to today

  • Well done and well said.

  • This is good, BUT, it doesnt answer the question posed .....
    Islam is not so much a religion as it is a cult. (you can look up the definition of cult)
    Islam was dreamt up by clerics of the pagan tree and moon worshippers because they
    wanted to form a group to compete with the christians, jews, and zoroastians, who were controlling the camel trade routes and they wanted an uncontestable story similar to the christian nativity story as a foundation. And they invented the story of the illiterate arab guy being in a cave when hey presto and angel arrives and starts spitting out mumbo jumbo supposedly from the universes creator. It's pretty obvious to intelligent minds that this is as daft as the christian nativity story so they succeeded there. I wonder where the hell this supposed cave was and havent found any specific location of it.

    Thing is tho, the origins of the violence in islam comes from a small group of islamists who went and attacked the camel train and robbed it of its cargo during the "safe period". The "safe period" was a period in time of several weeks when it was illegal and immoral to attack the camel train. Mohammed is supposed to have said lying and deceit is OK if it is done to support and to help islam grow, thereby sanctioning the violence used.

    I suspect this Mohammed character never existed, and the "hero" of islam was called Mohammed just because that name was so popular. This might explain why later it became a capital offence to draw a figure known as Mohammed, because no one knew what he looked like.

    I strongly recommend everyone interested in islam and muslims they go read the supposed lifestory of this character Mohammed, you'll see what a sick character he was. And, if you do a little searching, you'll learn that many of the top guys in islam were sick violent perverts.

    Islamists will tell you that the earth belongs to Allah and therefore it is their role to convert everyone to islam or to kill them. Mohammed is supposed to have said, ask a man three times to convert to islam before killing him unless he is a jew, then ask only once before killing him. So the violence started right at the beginning of islamism.

    MOhammed is also supposed to have said, when you move to a new area do nothing to draw attention to yourself, then when you have sufficient numbers cause social chaos, then later when your numbers have grown, attack, destroy, and take over.

    I ask people of united kingdom, how long will it be before we get free prayer mats when we pay our council tax ??

  • @it-sharish
    does mutual respect include telling females to dress in a certain way, or be worth half of a man .... that's disrespect .... and many women are far superior to many men .... and teachings in schools ??? I doubt if any uk schools teach that Islam is a religion of hate

  • @sarah i respect that

  • @bobbys.noona ur right thank you

  • @Ayesha-Khan well said

  • @how-to-make-a i respect that

  • @how-to-make-a u are sick by the way

  • @some1inlalaland i respect ur pint of view

  • @how-to-make-a i dare you to send me that vers from quran in arabic pic it from the book come on

  • @how-to-make-a oky wiat then

  • @sarah
    only in private chat please

  • @sarah
    im not a muslim, i am atheist, i dont want to talk to him frankly
    to alwaysstranger- please think that i am dead, ignore me

  • Of course it is

  • @alwaysstranger big bang and evolution are nothing but a holy crap for weak faith people . who has nothing to do with the truth .and stoping fking telling me u are ana arab . i dont give a damn . islam is not about ur faking race its for all humans not olny ur dmub ass bor . and im am done of your shity talk all the time keep taging me in no matter what . i didnt give up on my topic . u didnt convice me . and u still didnt prove anything ... i can say 90% of people here said No ... the last 10% ..5% of em dont know shit . and the other 5 didnt prove anything . and to be honest ... u didnt change a thing here ... i asked for an opinion not ur fking life as an ex muslim . no boddy cares . come the fuk on man be real .... i have enough evidance to break ur ass up . its simply that u chose not to belive cuz itstoo hard for u.

  • @alwaysstranger you are nothing but an arabic jew . fk off .. sience is what i do u stupid shit . ive finished my education this year . hell bell hhhhhhh

  • @Muslim I'm an ex-muslim and let me tell you that ISLAM IS THE WORST RELIGION IN EXISTENCE, IT'S FUCKING BULLSHIT

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