Forgotten words on the clay tablet

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    This is a text. But what is it about? What is the purpose of it's existence? The text was written to be read, to provide the information to the others. Like a wind, that spread the seeds. And what kind of information it contains of? This text is about the text containment. A lot of different words, that were combined together into sentences. And on the first glance it looks empty. Many words about nothing. And now we are returning to the beginning. What is the purpose of this text? And need to admit, my dear reader, if you read this, you have already spent a few seconds of your life to read it. Congratulations, if you reached this point, you can take a cake as for reward. But we lost the path, while we were thinking about the cakes. I need to said, about the real meaning of this article. And only most patient users will read it, as others have already stopped to do this, long time ago. This post contains a secret message, which hidden among the words. I know, that you will find it, because this message is for you and only you. A real addressee, will understand everything without any hints. I believe in you. Message me, as soon as, you receive this secret message. I need to apologize to other users, that I spoiled your attention. But I had no other choice, I need to deliver this message..

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