The first day of the afterlife

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    - And what happened next?
    - What happened. As always it happened. They lived happily ever after.
    - But it isn't true..
    - Why you think so?
    - Because you're sitting here right now, beyond the fireplace, somewhere far far away.. And it doesn't look like "happiness ever after"
    - Did you though that this story was about me? Maybe or maybe not. We are sitting now here and talking. And this is also a story. And maybe somebody is reading it just now. Do you want to look into the keyhole, to spy on their thoughts and minds, don't you?
    - You baffle me.. I wounder, how these stories appear? And the last one that you've just told me.. Was it from your personal life, was it about you or not?
    - Who knows.. Maybe my bamboo flute sang it to me once.. Or maybe the wind whispered it to me, while I was scattering the bones in attempt of fortune-telling.. The fire will go out soon. We need to have a rest, as tomorrow will be the first day..
    - Maybe once more? The last one story for the present day and for the present life?
    - The last one? Once I saw a world, where everyone has an ability to be linked with each other. Distance barriers were down. Every man and woman from the each corner of the world can communicate with each other. Miracle.. But at the same time, lots of them were alone in this ocean. In fact they tried to run out from themselves and to find their own reflection among the other mirrors.. Some of them were putting on grimacing funny masks.. Someone was pretending to be insane.. The others were telling a stories..

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