Is Google affecting the attention span of young people?

  • Introduction
    According to scientists, the present digital era has left humans with extremely short attention spans. The normal human attention span becomes, “Didn’t my iPhone just ring?” Well, if you can’t complete your task without touching your smartphone, laptops or browsing through your social media accounts then you are not alone. According to the scientists, the digital era has left to much attention span to the human that they have lost it out to the goldfish. A goldfish has nine seconds of attention span whereas humans lose their capabilities to focus in eight seconds.
    What does the research say?
    Analysts in Canada reviewed 2,000 members and studied the brain movements of 112 others utilizing electroencephalograms (EEGs). According to the Microsoft study, the mobile revolution began around the year 2000, the normal capacity of the human brain dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. The report also stated the main reason that, the multiple streams of media which were distracting and making it difficult for the multi-screeners to filter out the unimportant incentives.
    However, this report also shows the bright side, even though the average human attention span had dropped but our ability to multitask had profoundly gotten enhanced in the mobile age. The survey also shows the generational differences in mobile use. The survey asked the question that “if they picked up their phones when there was nothing else that commanded their attention”, 77% replied with a ‘Yes’, these 77% people are mostly ages between 18 to 24 and 10% of people answer ‘No’ who are older than 65.
    Staying focused for long could be a superpower
    In 2014, the British unit of advertising buyer OMD study discovered that an average human shifted their attention towards tablets, smartphones, and laptops 21 times in 60 minutes. This proposed that the growing presence of these gadgets is distracting our focus from the task. A weaker attention span seems obvious side effects to the brain that has to make a Help with Assignment - Assignmentspot switch between multiple gadgets and continue to adapt and change. Tweets, floods of emails, newsletter and other multiple sources are commanding our attention all at the same time. While on the other hand, we have improved our ability to do multitask. The more distraction for the brain the lesser it can commit to the memory.
    Here’s what you can do
    It’s never too late to begin. The following are the tips you can use to improve your attention span.

    1. Step away from the phone
      All the emails, tweets and other notification of social media can wait. When you have work to do then solely focus on it and give your devices a break.
    2. Learn the art of listening
      Have you ever noticed how much time do you spend on speaking and how much time you spend on listening? There are many people are already thinking of what next to say while others are speaking. It’s like you are only physically present but mentally you are miles away. Work on this habit and try to focus on what other person is sharing with you.

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  • Not just Google but smartphones as a whole is messing with our attention span Facebook Twitter YouTube and Instagram all of them.

  • I am 18 and I agree with you

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