• Help I emailed a legal Nevada prostitute on my birthday. I have no job and just got a driver's licenses a month ago(Carson City is about two hours away) Essentially I told her that I am interested in her services. I also told her I have been with another lady at the Bunny Ranch before and it was my first time but we have not done a lot. I did a little self-depreciation as well. I then told her I want to try a plethora of things. A month later, I got a reply saying;
    "Very sorry for the slow response time -- I've been on vacation in Oregon and am just now getting caught up on emails :)

    Aww, I'm sorry that your first experience here didn't meet all your expectations. I can definitely help with what you are looking for :)

    What date did you want to make an appointment for? "

    Help what do I write back