Death Angel’s Rob Cavestany on Humanicide, His Relationship with Former Bandmates, and More

  • Metal bands have been addressing end-of-the-world anxiety since the inception of the genre, but on the new Death Angel album, Humanicide, the legendary thrash quintet puts a fresh twist on some old concerns. Rather than focus on doomsday scenarios, the band directs its attention toward our species’ unfortunate tendency to cling to destructive behaviors.

    On the album-opening title track, vocalist Mark Osegueda laments the “global denial” preventing us from choosing a different path. Over a locomotive thrash riff courtesy of guitarist and main songwriter Rob Cavestany, Osegueda pierces the air with one of his signature throat-scraping screams, declaring that “all hope is looooooooost.” Conversely, however, the mood in camp Death Angel is the most upbeat it’s been in a long time, as Cavestany told Heavy Consequence.

    Key figures in the second wave of Bay Area thrash that took the world by storm in the ‘80s, Death Angel have now been together twice as long and put out twice as many albums in their second incarnation than their classic era. When we recently caught up with Cavestany, he reflected on both the present and the past.

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