The angel of music sing songs in my head..

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    Sometimes, I like to listen movie soundtracks. And if I really like it, I can listen it again and again, until I will start to hate it. And it's happened on this week. Calm music. A bit sorrow, but so inspirational at the same time. A good choice, when you're moving from home to work, or otherwise. Also the music is mixing, with the sounds of city.. Cars, buses, people, rain.. The mind is relaxing..
    I spent a three days in such state. And on the forth, I decided to choose my own thoughts instead of music.. I didn't put on an earphones, but as I entered the street and mixed with it's sounds, I started to hear that soundtrack in my head.. The sound was clear. Not like a whisper, the illusion was real..
    Neurons of my mind are so used to mixing the voices of city, with the sound from player. As a result the last one become useless. Did you hear it too?

  • @spacegirl I get you, I think. The saturation of sound makes the track inescapable...

    Incidentally I was playing Angel Of Music and other songs from that show/soundtrack myself very recently. I have a few soundtracks I absolutely adore, but can never quite decide upon my favourite.

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    @Matt_Aranha My track wasn't from that show 🙂 I just picked the title, that can describe the post in one sentence.
    But I know what are you talking about too, I think. And find it's amazing.

  • @spacegirl said in The angel of music sing songs in my head..:

    @Matt_Aranha My track wasn't from that show

    Ah okay my bad 😂🙈

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