Looking for a Ana coach

  • Hi, I’m looking for a ana coach, a serious one. I am so fat that I hate myself. Please ping me if you are one. Thanks.

  • You don't need a coach, it's as simple as calories in vs. calories out.
    Avoid eating carbohydrates too often to prevent too many insulin spikes throughout the day and developing an insulin resistance but do not starve yourself, that never works because a sudden drop-off in calorie intake only leads to slowing down your metabolism and making your body break down fewer fat cells to use as energy. That is why highly restrictive diets are counter-productive if you are overweight and already have a fairly high maintenance calorie intake, often times they only lead to you feeling lethargic despite not losing much weight so keep that in mind.

    This is why "Pro-Anorexia" methods of losing weight are literally retarded and harmful.

    Also 20-30 minutes a cardio a few times a week help. With this keep in mind pace or speed is not important, it's effort, keep it at 120+ heart beats per minute and you're doing it right.

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    @Eva-sha proana strict coach skype me masterman66

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