Ashes to ashes

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    I caught a thought, that the most topics that I wrote.. Most of them were written after I drank a pint. Is it some kind of addition, that I can not extract my mind without a "spiritual inspiration".
    Addiction.. Every time, every second every specie is addicted to something or someone. Addiction to passion, addiction to alcohol, addiction to faith, addiction to sex, smocking addiction.. TWS addiction after all 😉 Looks like it is part of our nature. Even those who tell, that they have no additions are addicted to their state of independence.
    In our age of liberty and freedom, all we of are not free. And we never were free, being locked in cages of our minds and behavior patterns.
    What do you think?

    P.S. or instead of an epigraph, that should be at the beginning:
    Ashes to ashes, funk to funky
    We know Major Tom's a junkie
    Strung out in heaven's high
    Hitting an all-time low
    My mother said, to get things done
    You'd better not mess with Major Tom

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    Some addictions are benefitial 😋

    Personally i enjoy my addictions. But when they get in the way of being happy or functioning properly in daily life, they got to go.
    Moderation is key so you don't get 'that addiction feeling'.
    Yet you're still doing and enjoying whatever it is that makes you happy untill the day you die, assuming you're doing it right 😉

  • I miss David Bowie. You're right spaceboy! I am addicted to games.

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    @TheRisingSun said in Ashes to ashes:

    Some addictions are benefitial

    Without colors, life would definitely loos it's taste. It's better to play a role of weird Mr. Grey here, than be a grey snob in life.

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