• If you 👉🏻 post 📃 transphobic memes I will 😳 unfriend you. 👧🏻
    If you post racist 👶🏿👶🏾👶🏽👶🏼 memes I will unfriend ❌ you.
    If you post homophobic 🏳️‍🌈👬👭 memes I will unfriend you. 🤬✂
    If you post sexist 👩🏻🧑🏼memes I will unfriend 👥you.
    If you post ✍🏻islamophobic🧕🏾👳🏽♂👳🏽♀💣🧨memes I will unfriend 🚷you.
    If you post xenophobic 📍🇧🇪🇩🇿🇦🇴 memes I will unfriend you. 🙎🏻♂
    If you post ableist ♿️memes I will unfriend 🚮 you.
    If you post victim 💥blaming 😖🖕🏻 memes I will unfriend 🗑 you.
    If you post anti-SW 💦🍆 memes I will unfriend you.
    If you post bigoted 🐷🚼 jokes 😂🤣🤪or opinions💭 of any sort I. Will. Unfriend. You. Without prejudice ⬅️ without hesitation. 🛑✋🏻
    I don't care that you're "jUsT A shItPOstEr"💩📖 or that I'm "a SeNsItiVE 💧😰SnoWfLAke.❄️" Too many people have fought 💥👊🏻for too long, and too hard🧱 for some asshole🍑🕳 on the internet🌐📱 to invalidate 🚫their experiences, their identity 🚹and their lives 💤in the name of "humor." 🔈This world is awful 🔪🦹🏼♂🙅🏽♂️enough as it is. I want my timeline 🕑🕠to be free 🔚from negativity ⬇️and hate.❗🚽🔫

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    It's a small miracle i'm still on your friendslist 😂


    Yes that's a goat on the right page 💩

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    Very good 🙂

  • @DIV yes 😂😭
    I too despise racism and resists 😂

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    I think, one has to always treat others as one wants to be treated, that's why there is equality between all.

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    @Mr-Ghost said in Important announcement for y'all:

    I think, one has to always treat others as one wants to be treated, that's why there is equality between all.

    In theory yes. problem is when you are to nice, people often mistake niceness for weakness and it won't be long untill they take advantage of you.
    Just crush them right away 😏

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  • @Jeff9998 nah ⁉❌ this ⬅️ ain’t it 😤 chief 👮‍♂️

  • @Jeff9998 I think most sane people will agree (I certainly do) that it is bad to judge, hate or make fun of a person because of their sexual orientation, identity, their sex, their religion, their nationality, their disabilities, the things that happened to them or their occupation.

    However you have to be careful to not lose your ability to differentiate. The ideology who's mantras you recite here is a very dangerous one.

    Not so long ago the left fought for real values: Freedom of Speech, Equality, Freedom of choice, they fought for a world where one would be "judged by the contents of their character not by the color of their skin" (Martin Luther King). But it has given up on those values. Today's values are called equity, inclusivity and diversity. And they directly contradict the old values. How you ask? Easy to show:

    Let's take equity. Equity means equality of outcome. One goal associated with equity is to have (at least!) as many women in every (desirable) occupation as men. Now let's take some facts: women (in the west) absolutely dominate 70% of all academic fields, except for mathematics and engineering (and related fields). The main reason why they don't dominate the rest is because women do not want to. This has over and over again been shown by homungous studies in the most progressive countries in the world, where the more freedom women are given the more they choose social occupations. So the only way in which equality of outcome could be reached is to force a great percentage of women to go into engineering. Thus equity directly contradicts freedom of choice.

    Incidently above mentioned facts about women are also the main reason for the gender pay gap being 8% or higher: Engineering does scale – designing a product that can be sold to thousands of people simply generates a lot of money, while a nurse can only take care of so many people in a day. However I'm not for injustice. There is a small paygap between men and women (in western countries) and it should be fixed, but in a way that addresses the actual reasons (which is not the evil patriarchy, no...).

    Now let's take diversity. The university of harvard recently got into trouble because they tried to increase diversity. As it was there was an extraordinarily high amount of asian students at harvard while other groups seemed to be underrepresented. Thus they modified the selection process so that an asian student had to be around 10% better than students of other ethnicities to be enrolled. Now imagine you were about to go harvard, took the test and you knew you had to be 10% better than the guy next to you just because of the color of your skin. I wouldn't just call that unfair, I'd call it racist.

    Now to another topic: Let's take a statement like "we should not let criminals immigrate". Most people don't hate foreigners, but they value their own safety and the safety of those they love. Thus this is the view that the majority of the population of most countries in the world holds. And yet something like this will easily get you labeled as islamophobic or xenophobic these days. The left doesn't even fight for women's rights anymore. You heard right! If someone says: "Many muslim countries (countries under sharia law) suppress women and sanction the murder of gay people" they are instantly labeled islamophobic and the left blocks everything good they could otherwise do for women and gay people...

    Also if you include islamophobia in your list of things you don't want to see on the internet, you should at least include christianophobia as well, since christians are by far the most persecuted (and invalidated!) group in the world.

  • What a load of drivel

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