The confession on the crossroad

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    Flash of light in mind, and lighting in the night sky. The thunder sounds like a click, that switched on my brains again. I am among the mass of dirt and rain, standing on the crossroad and looking at the dark void, of the grave that born me out.. The crossroads..

    Beliefs said that criminals were buried at the crossroads, so their spirit of vengeance can not avenge to those, who judge them. That was the first thought, that broke a silence like a cry of newborn. I was observing my pale hands with empty eyes, observing the grave behind me, and couldn't remember anything from beforelife, except the strange fact about crossroads.. The past was hidden from me, to remember it I had to lay in the grave again, but it isn't in my plans.

    On the other hand, looking around, I saw each path from of the crossroad in clear way. A single glance was enough to understand, what will wait me on each of them. Visions were clear like a reality. There is only on thing about them. The choice, which I had to do by myself. Looks like beliefs were lying about the spirit's helpless on the crossroads. Am I just a spirit of something more?

    At least I am not dead, but at the same time I am not alive. It is time to make a first step..

  • I often have these existential thoughts myself as crossroads, and by the time I've resolved the self-determination of my soul, I pull straight out into oncoming traffic. And even though I'm the one at fault, because I'm a bloke, I always start a fight with the other driver.

    Crossroads. Truly they are the new Z'ha'dum.

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