Do people care or is it just me

  • Hey everyone, hope you all are doing good...
    I just wanna know like do you guys actually care and look at people's faces I mean I feel that I'm so socially alienated from the realty. I think people are fake and that we live in a cycle of constant lies. My problem dear reader is that I know communisim did not work but it provided a strong critique of capitalism on the topic of social alienation. So the arguement is very basic but it has a very deep Philosophical connotations. So, here it goes; we know that this capitalist system is based on profit and communication of culture and traditions. This statement is so true, especially in the context of this neoliberal economic social order. For examle, marriage is considered to be a private matter in the form of agreement between two lovely souls to bind themselves together legally and officially. This is the basic definition of marriage, but such definition becomes a new thing when introduced under capitalism. A husband must confirm to the neoliberal lawn by pursuing highest degrees and highest top positions to get high salaries to provide and to accommodate the martial life needs and etc .. this is no easy task for men, Especially in areas where individualism is the definition character of society. Guys the basic point is that this profit induced social alienation is real and I wonder if you guys agree with me on this. Thanks



    can you give a tldr of this, I'm not high enough to understand it rn

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