• am a 22 year old deadbeat from a small town and have no license(only a permit) and never had a job due to the fact that no one is stupid enough to hire me. I am living with my elderly parents who are sick of me. I am graduating community college for crimnal justice. Obviously, this is not really an accomplishment because even someone with an IQ of 80 like me can graduate. For mother's day, I bought my mother a cheap ice cream sandwich from a convenience store and didn't even pay for it because I had no money and had that others pay for it. I feel really bad because I put my mother through a lot this year..........

  • Still... What have you lost?

  • Dude, you're a loser....
    ...just as long as you call yourself that.

    Start writing targets you want to meet.
    Start speaking positively about what you want to achieve in life

    Start doing something with your hands that would be productive.

    And whatever you do, stop calling yourself a loser

  • You're no loser. You may be a bit mad though. I wonder how you managed to create this thread knowing that it will keep circling and dragging you straight back to this topic. Quite mad. Quite mad indeed. 😉

  • try finding a job when you have finished collage

    also try stop being a loser! first step is to send me 100 dollars

  • @Vicious-Retard That's some cool (if painful) self-insight, mate. In my opinion? Most people are, at heart, the type of 'loser' you describe in your post, only they compensate in the most spurious ways. They don't think, "How can I best contribute to society?", they (maybe subconsciously) think, "How can I make money in the most self-indulgent way, that involves the least amount of work?" - and so it comes to pass.

    There's a vibe about you, VR. I think you'll end up being cool.

  • @Indrid-Cold thanks indrid

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