A snapshot without a picture

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    When emotional pane comes, you're loosing the ability to think in the normal way. You feel like something or someone is eating you from the inside and blocking any thoughts. But what is happening exactly inside us?

    You're a trying to breathe, but each gulp of air become harder as you feel the pain in your chest. The snapshots of your ordinary life are cut and mixed, flying in the void of the mind's darkness. And you have nothing to do at this moment. Only to observe yours agony, and make another attempt to take a breath.

    But the observe process, frees you from being an actor inside the situation. No one asks you to feel all of this. You don't feel, you just watching at the canvas, where an anthropomorphic creature sits in the burning room and tries to assemble a puzzle from peaces, that are not touched by fire...

  • I agree. Our perception is where the real harm comes from. Ignorance to our intelligence is the new shield.

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