Straight Man. Married to Bi-sexual woman. Need help coming to terms

  • I am a straight Man. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife for 1 1/2 years. She just came out to me as Bi last week. I have no problem with the LGBT community. In fact I’m very proud of her for coming to terms with her sexuality. But ever since she came out I’ve just been feeling so insecure. I’ve never dated anyone who wasn’t heterosexual before. I know that this doesn’t mean that she isn’t committed to me anymore, or that she would cheat on me. I’m just having a more difficult time dealing with this than I expected. At the end of the day I just want to support my wife the best way possible. Anyone with any advice would be greatly appreciated

  • Most woman tell their partners because they think it may be a turn on for them. If I was you I'd enjoy the door of sexual possibilities that has just opened. Also I'd say that she probably knew she was bi ages ago but still choose you and for 1 1/2 has continued to choose you. What the difference in her being straight or bi... There are still other men straight married woman find attractive ... But they choose one. Same for bi there are lots of men and woman they will find attractive lots they will find unattractive but she found an attractive man and picked him... Thats you. Finally just to add ...I'm bi, I love woman but a man can do everything to me a woman can do a woman can't fuck me with her cock ...k good luck bye

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