• Hello, I'm a 20 yo "Little Boy" from Europe. Looking for a MDLB mommy. I'm 'VERY' kinky and got tens of fetishes. Only limits r scat and too much pain (lots of pain).
    Looking for a mommy who'd be into being my 24/7 mommy and for whom I could be the little boy for <3
    Kinks: Orgasm control, Chastity (long durations too, training and prolonging the time between lockups), Eating mommy out is a must!, I'd wish to pleasure mommy whenever she needs or asks. And be her playtoy whenever she gets home and feels like "kicking ass" => pegging her playtoy <3.
    CONTACT me on <3 : KIK: @traphere
    CHATOUS: @traphere
    email: [email protected]

    I am desperate for love, cuddles, mommies warmth, care, domination, punishments, games and some rough strap on love <3

    I hope we find eachother this way.
    (I'm willing to move to you [not expecting to pay for the moving but its a one way thing <3 ] I'm expecting our relationship to build up and end up with us living together and doing some / most or all and more things from my previous description :)
    I'll be waiting. <3
    OH! and don't be afraid to text me! No age is too much <3 just text me even if we won't work out I'll be incredibly happy to have someone to talk to <3!


    Tfw+no+gentle+femdom+gf+trigger+mentionlist+lewdlistingstrigger+mentionlist+lewds4dhearttrigger_285430_6423807.png pegging.jpg Chastity-Pegging.gif 455694D.gif 8DDFE7F.gif

  • Hi hon did you ever find what you were looking for?

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