• I am self-identified incel(involuntary celibates) who is taking course online for a community college(despite being dumb as dirt). I am from a small town and have no license(only a permit) and never had a job. I am live with my my elderly parents. I know I am god-awful ugly(I look like I have a severe case of fetal alcohol syndrome). I never had a kiss and never had a date.I did have sex a prostitute but she hated it and wanted to get it over with as soon as possuble. I don't blame her i am repulsed by my own image. Also people stare at me with disgust. Any time a girl finds out I am attractive to them they change there look to be less attractive(because they are repulsed by the fact I find them attractive). I tried a new haircut, working out, get a job(no one will hire me but doubt a job will help), personality changd, do good in school, positive outlook on life with goals, different clothing, and other generic **** but nothing works. So perhaps I should just o get a sext doll. And so not tell me to make money,or there is someone for everyone, preach self-love, or lecture me about how evil I am because I am an incel.

  • @Vicious-Retard Listen, aight, you’re being pathetic. Looks are nothing. If you’re ugly, maybe consider making other aspects of yourself good? But na, you’re just some desperate, dirty, intolerable, disgusting, pathetic lad that moans about women and moans about their looks. Get a job, get a life, fook off.

  • @Vicious-Retard

    I dont think girls generally look for looks and attractiveness only... I mean... It's a key part as us, humans, see looks first then personality. But they also care and look for a person that is confident, that makes them laugh and that is nice and sweet to hang out with. Sometimes physical attraction isnt mandatory but there's also another point, there is a very high chance that someone out there finds you attractive as it's very unlike that everyone in the whole world thinks you are ugly!

    I'll tag some women so that they backup my reply tho @One-Woman-Army

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    @Vicious-Retard dude that ain't ugly. From reading all ur posts it seems that the issue is your thinking. Girls aren't something for your own pleasure, they're not won over with only good looks. What you should look for in a woman is not sex, but a deep personal friendship. And don't be that guy who is so desperate he'll hop on any chance right away. There's nothing wrong with being a virgin, and nothing wrong with being alone. Rather than wallow in your feelings of self doubt because u can't get laid, focus on the more important things in life. Pussy does not mean happiness, look for friendship in women rather than satisfaction. With this outlook, you will find yourself happier. :)

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    Go dig up a fresh corpse to fuck. You can skip the dating process so that's a plus.
    Alternatively get a job at the morgue, they'll still be a bit warm.

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    Fixed your problem 🤗

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  • You have created a self fulfilling prophecy:

    If you believe no woman WOULD want you ... then no woman WILL want you.

    I'm sure you've seen people you think are ugly with a companion you think is attractive.

    Do you think all women want a man smarter than them? To feel like an idoit when they are with their man?

    You're worried about your money. Do you think the job of a man is to pay their woman? Or to love them?

    You said all of the reasons someone wouldn't want you. But you didn't mention: are you a nice guy? Can you be fun to hang out with and talk with? Do you love to laugh? Would you enjoy watching a movie or a TV show with someone and then talking about it?

    Did you decide who you are or who you want to be yet as a man and in terms of values and behavior? If so then you already know how to be yourself.

    But if you already decided no woman will want you, then why would they doubt your decision on that considering you know youself better than anyone?

    So instead of announcing why no one would want you, consider saying why someone would. Sometimes all a person is looking for is someone who can love them, is fun to talk to, and enjoys cuddling. All that other crap- money, looks, education level, job, etc... That's not what's most important to someone that is serious about finding a loving relationship. That stuff is only important to people wanting a sugar daddy or trophy mate.

    And never tell a woman you've been with a hooker. They will be afraid you got every sex disease in the book.

  • And you should seriously do anything you can to get a job. Just for yourself man.

    Did you know that the average rejection rate for job applications is 99%? That is really just the average. If you are as below average as you try to make us believe, you should expect a much higher rejection rate. So start writing those 1000 job applications. And you will get a job. Do it for yourself man, not for the girls...

    Btw. Brian Begin (thefearlessman, the video I posted) really knows what he's talking about. You should check out his channel. Don't get caught up in the pickup community, they are just social robots. Not worth spending a minute in there... Also beware of articles that cite statistics. Interpreting statistics correctly is not an easy task, and very few are actually capable of that...

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    @artsycristy said in How to get laid or have a girlfriend when hideous:


    No worries, i know CPR, kinda.

  • @Vicious-Retard

    Gonna be honest with you. Idc about studies really, real life experience is much more important then "studies". I'm telling you, looks means shit, you just need to know how to behave and to make a woman confortable and enjoy your company.
    I'm not saying looks aren't important, in today society it's brutally overlooked, but if you show themother qualities, they will give you a chance...
    But the fact you say EVERYONE things you are ugly and shit is purely bullshit, cuz It's impossible you've met all the girls in the whole world, so chill, chin up, stop being a lil moaning bitch and man the fuck up. If you wanna have a girl act like a man! :D

  • What on Earth gave you the idea that you're hideous? That bottom pic shows a cool man and the top pic could even pass as a model or even an actor! It shows true character!

    The following image is of John Merrick. Now this is a man who worried too.
    alt text

  • @Vicious-Retard said in How to get laid or have a girlfriend when hideous:

    my lack of experience

    No one was born knowing everything and no one expects you to know what to do during your 1st time.

    @Vicious-Retard said in How to get laid or have a girlfriend when hideous:

    small tricolored dick

    It's not about how big it is, it's how good you use it :smirk: and a tricolored pp is pretty kewl! :p

  • @Lurker well I would think women would prefer a more experienced men

  • @Vicious-Retard

    Depends on the women, some won't mind if you arent experience, heck, some will find that interesting!

  • This post is deleted by the tws moderators because it could trigger some beta males.

  • @Vicious-Retard go workout

  • Generally girls aren't really worth the trouble of pursuing them, unless there is something uniquely desirable about them, which is rare

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