Hardest thing you've ever had to overcome in life?

  • The hardest thing I have ever had to overcome in my life has been addiction. When I was a young girl we had the program D.A.R.E. in my grade school. This educational class's sole purpose was to illustrate the negative effects of drugs and alcohol on one's body and life. I attended this program in the 5th grade which leads to my first negative bullet. I think that this program was very educational and could help in the prevention of future drug use for teens, but the 5th grade seems to be a little young to start it out. At the age of a typical 5th grader, drugs and alcohol didn't seem to enter my thoughts or experimental tendencies. So with that being said, D.A.R.E should have been introduced, in my eyes, at the more appropriate grade of 9th. When entering high school you are more likely to face many more potential riskier behavior in which drugs or alcohol are more likely to surface in group settings. Peer pressure, is something most high school students face on a day to day basis. In which drugs and alcohol tend to be the two main focal points when referring to peer pressure. If D.A.R.E. was administered to students as freshman then the seriousness of how life threatening these two problematic life altering things are. The maturity level can also be taken into consideration here. As young adolescents, such topics may not effect our day to day as to what someone may have already experienced something involving one or both of these factors. This may include, a friend driving intoxicated in which a DUI was issued, a friend being sent to the hospital due to a drug overdoes, or a mother or father who has a drinking problem. All of these events can alter the lives of young adults. Being aware of the potential risks that drugs and alcohol carry with them are necessary to live a safe and sober life.
    My life has been effected by addiction on a very personal level. I have been a meth addict for over 3 years now. Every day is a struggle and every day is a new page in my new recovery book. Had I known at a more mature age what my mind, body, and soul would encounter when poisoned by the drugs I had decided to riddle my body with. I truly believe that my mind may have been able to rationally think of the outcome of these actions in which I would have thought twice about using. I would have been well aware of the negative side effects that meth does to your brain. The recovering and mending process your brain needs to repair itself. The emotional roller coaster you will have to face and the pure disappointment you will feel as a human being.
    When I was in 5th grade, if someone sat me down and told me that at the age of 27 years old I would be a meth addict. I would look at them in utter shock, terror and confusion. I wouldn't believe them. Or at least wouldn't want too. But, in all reality they would be correct.
    Addiction has been something that I have to battle on a day to day basis. If I can prevent anyone from ending up in my shoes, I will do whatever it takes to get through to anyone and everyone on some sort of level. This terrorist that is taking over our countries cities, streets and American's lives is nothing but a menace. It is the one thing that will eat you alive or send you to an early grave. The awareness that should be broadcast ed is necessary on so many levels and degrees but it isn't anywhere close to where it should be. People do not take this serious subject and see it until it is effecting them first hand or someone they love. By this time, it has already gotten to deep under the skin for it to go away. If people were more aware of the awful end results from drugs and alcohol then I think they will question there next moves at a more distinctively educational state. Becoming more aware of the such powerful changes that you will face on all intellectual, communicative, interactive, developmental, environmental, basically all aspects of your life will become altered in some way. This is a disturbance in your cognitive brain cells in which your brain will now experience total destruction all by a preventable choice made by the prematurely educated adult. Someone who is 100% willing and able to make justifiable and educational decisions knowing or not knowing the outcome of certain events. If I had known the things I would later find out as an adult when I was developing into a teenager and dealing with the daily stresses common teens deal with in modern society. My life would have been available for a whole different and more positive outlook on what I refer to as what keeps the Boogeyman from falling asleep at night. Something that can take a supremely happy life and completely destroy all hopes, dreams and goals and make you wish you had never made or planned them in the first place. The hope for all things in life to diminish and vanish. Transforming into someone you don't recognize when looking into the mirror of dismay. Once knowing the person staring back, but now a total stranger with empty eyes. A carcass moving along just waiting for that glimmer of satisfaction to replace all the pain that has overcame such a lost soul.

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