Vegans opinions on animals being used for food consumption.

  • I want to ask vegans a question about what their opinions are about animals being used for food consumption. This is for research paper I’m working on that really means a lot, I want to get a better understanding of both sides of this topic. I can include names in my paper, but only if given permission from the individual I’m talking to.

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    Opinions for your research you say, huh?
    That sounds pretty desperate from you wanting it to acquire from this site and from the internet in particular, but whatever suits you.

    My name is Kara and i have been refusing to eat meat since the age of 13 out of my own conscience.
    Currently, i am 19 years young and i am physically (almost) healthy with the exception of a damaged heart. The complete absence of (animal) meat has nothing to do with it.
    My view on this whole ordeal is that the consumption of animal meat is wrong on many different levels with the modern human way of life.
    It has very little benefit for the the modern human and for the world in gerenal and can even be entirely avoided / replaced with a more suitable and respectable diet.
    My own experience has shown me that i can live my life without any physical problems to my human body with a diet that consists mainly of carbohydrates and theobromine.
    I eat many fruits, vegetables and chocolate. And to be blunt, i couldn't even have it nor would i even want it in any other way because of my fast metabolism that burns through my calories that i have acquired through out the day in a heartbeat.
    The time i used to eat meat isn't forgotten by me and neither do i not want to remember it. No, that would be just silly to do. I still remember the taste, the texture and the aroma that comes from eating steaks, chicken wings, sausages and so forth. Sometimes i envy those, who have nothing against eating such cuisine, yet at the same time i know how wrong it is to just do so without a thought.
    As a human, one has the responsiblilty to be the best example of a life on this world. Thus, if the slaughter and murder of countless, defenceless animals in horrible conditions can be entirely avoided with only a different diet and mindset, then it must be then done without any redundant questioning or delay.
    Yet some humans think only because it is possible to do wrong, then it is allowed to do so. Even so, some excuse it with the thought that the "idea" comes from nature itself, for example the rule of nature that is being called "eat or be eaten".
    Such rule can only be applied in times of must, e.g.: Survival. Then it is appreciated from my side. There are no other exceptions to be made to this rule.
    That concludes my entire opinion on this matter.

    You are allowed to include my opinion in your "paper" and only in that. Nothing else.

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  • I am not a vegan and meat tastes really good. I understand the idea of being a vegan. I think it isn’t different than a predator eating pray

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