My pet peeves. girls is my weakness.

  • Movie Buff

    My biggest problem of going to mall shopping is whenever you walk past
    too many people, deciding which store you wish to enter and in my experience, it happened
    Alot and one day, me and my big brother just walking to the exit, we're done shopping now
    and i see two girls one with dirty blonde and one with brown hair.

    Once, we almost passed them, two girls looked back at us and we continuing walk along.
    They keep looking at me and covering thier mouth as if they are whispering each other.
    I look back and they still looking at me.

    I hate pretty girls look or stare at you for no fucking reason. Believe me, it happened alot when
    I go to Winnipeg. That's my pet peeves, maybe i'm social anxiety or stage freight. who knows.

    You know why girls randomly look at you?

    For the same reason that boys look at attractive gurls.
    ‘Coz they’re attractive.
    So would be you.
    Damn! It was a perfect chance to do Salsa.
    You missed it 🤦

  • One Woman Army

    @IM-BORED said in My pet peeves. girls is my weakness.:

    You know why girls randomly look at you?

    I look in the mirror and I have the answer.
    Jk,no I'm not.

  • Hmm.. maybe you're wearing your shirt backwards 😄

  • girls ***are my weakness.

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