Does thing about sex would make you more Horney and single? How do we control it?

  • Many people get Horney when they think about sex and become uncontrollable. Well, everyone get Horney is not a bad thing but some of us are able to maintain their daily routine.

    Hence a question arises, "Who people control their feeling".

    A Horney person starts masturbating and end with nothing but a lol single life and unbalanced health. To control this feeling ? what should a person do to control lust of sex?.
    Thing wisely and give your suggestions? I might help many people to come forward and start a new ideology living life?

  • @Himanshu_agarwal
    Be occupied in constructive ways.
    Stay with friends. Play football with them.
    Meditate, Exercise and Think about positive things or watch some constructive videos on Youtube or watch movies or stuff.
    Go on a trip.
    Take control of your mind.

  • Music Lovers


    Hindus believe that kama(sensual pleasure) is one of the four purusharthasor (aims of life) (these are the other 4; dharma, arta, kama and moksha).
    Sex is considered a good thing which is to be enjoyed as one of the duties of married life (the householder stage of life). Here marriage symbolises people reaching a stage in their lives, where they are capable enough to take mature decisions for themselves. So, its not necessary, that one must marry, per se, to have sex, but can do so, when he/she is capable enough.

    Self-control is an important aspect of Hindu teaching.
    During the Brahmacharya stage of life (generally birth to around 25 years) young people are traditionally concentrating on their education. During this time, the students are demanded by our culture to give up all the instant gratification pleasures, as they only dilute the goals you have for long terms, and the goals which will matter.
    Sexual relationships and masturbation would be a distraction at this time, and we are encouraged to avoid them.

    So I just listen to my parents, and stay away from these kinda things 😁

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