Is it wrong to play by the rules?

  • (This is just a small rant, so please take it with a grain of salt)
    Me and a couple of my friends wanted to play Poker, but it was a pain because of a girl that joined us. We played with small wooden coins, and didn't use all of them, so there were some leftovers.

    Here's the thing though - one of the girls that joined us kept breaking the rules (skipping betting stages, etc.), lost all of her tokens 3 times (and refilled from the leftovers every time), and when she inevitably lost again, she tried to make puppy eyes on me and my friend (we were both winning and had the most) so that we would give her some tokens that she would most likely lose again. My friend obliged and gave her some, but I left feeling slightly pissed off. The game would probably go on forever, and staying in the game had no more value for me.

    So here's the thing - Was I right for wanting to play properly and not wanting to give in? Or did I act like a tryharding a**hole?

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