f-22 Want to see me and Something else ?

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • @Wolfie_11
    thanks wolfie 😁

  • It seems after these messages you will get banned)

  • @Anna-Shil

    Yes. It is a persistent spam account, which promotes kik links. It also posted inappropriate picture/ Naked picture, hence got banned. 😁

    These are the guidelines which one must follow while posting.

    Community Rules & Content Policies:
    1- Asking, Posting or swapping picture and all related to Adult, Nude and same stuffs are not acceptable and will take serious actions against the specified user.

    2- Using Adult keywords same as "H**y", "Sexting", "talking drty", "Camsex" , "Trade or Exchange", "RolePlay or RP", "Sugar daddy", In a Topic or Post or as a Username, AND also Adult Pictures as profile picture or cover pics at the same level are not acceptable. TWS is a family friendly site and we expect the users to maintain the decorum.

    3- Making topics with inappropriate contents equals warning and topic deleting.

    4- Junk Posts or topics, and also Spamming in anyway would face with serious actions at the first place.

    5- If there's a business talk with strangers, try to make your desired topic and explain it therein, spamming it in private chats or disturbing people equals banning.

    6- Never Share your real information such as real phone number, email address or skype number and id. there's no responsibility from our side if every thing happens after your sharing at the very first stage.

    7- Try not to flag some one for no reason, it causes misunderstandings and warnings if there was no exact reason for that.

    8- Fake Users will get banned after warnings, please avoid making fake accounts.

    9- Promoting or linking sites about online dating, making friends or money making, and also scamming sites for grabbing users personal info is totally unacceptable.

    10- Make sure you don't make the website unusable with excessively repeated posting of topics or links or images in both topics and public chat sections for other users. Such actions will have serious consequences..

    11- You can curse, but you can't be very offensive towards a fellow user. You CANNOT insult the parents or culture of the user, you cannot make the user feel uncomfortable in any way. TWS wants a friendly environment for all its users.

    12- Public chatroom always welcomes healthy discussions, but then that discussion shouldn't turn into a group fight. Opinions of people always differ, you should respect them. TWS supports group messaging you can use that facility if you want to argue/fight on your opinion with a specific set of people.

    13- You have your Freedom of speech at the same time the other users have their Right to dignity. Your Right to free speech is not to impede their Right to dignity. In case your actions are degrading other users or making their experience undesirable, necessary actions will be taken against you.

    Please report them if you found any.

    And these are the rules of the site 😁


  • @Zoey_TaylorX3
    You’re about to get banned, AGAIN.

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