• @Indrid-Cold
    Don't hold back to rants like these. Everyone wants to know your reasons behind them.
    There was a time were i was, too, inspired by the "communistic" ideals of the soviets, but i was still young and more or less unaware of its many problems back then.
    Not even accounting the fact that my heritage is mostly slavic and my parents were hailing from the recently crumpled U.S.S.R when i was born in Germany.
    Because i am interested in history and about everything else there is to be known about this world, i started to inform myself about the past, endlessly questioning my parents into annoyance about their lives back in the days and so on.
    I wanted to ONLY see the good side of it. A time were i still had hope for humans. I wanted to find the ideal form of a government and society for this world, were everyone would be happy, equity for everyone and a good form of justice.
    But, alas, this kind of hope beared no fruit over the years as later on this task proved to be impossible to accomplish.
    Just because of the fact that humans are born with a hole in their heart. They will always wage war for any given reason.
    Be it because of race, ethnicity, ideology, genetic integrity, beliefs, opinion, etc.
    Always some form of envy would arise.
    Humans will never be happy.
    And they never will.


  • Ah, Karina. Where's you're head at? You know I'm about as hardkore a communist as still exists in this wonky capitalist world. Are you just sitting there waiting for me to write a very passive-aggressive essay about the demise of communism? Because I'll do it. When it comes to communism, I get TRIGGERED, and I'm like one of those wind-up frog toys you put in the bath, just going round and round and round and round the edge making an almighty racket against the ceramic, and in the end you get so sick of it, you just throw it out of the bathroom window.

    What I would say, this video sums up the vibe of the nineties just perfectly. I was at school when the Wall came down, and in as much as my bellend teachers discussed it at all, they talked only in vague terms about 'freedom' and, if you were lucky, the free market economy.

    What those poor Perestroika-jizzing Russians probably didn't realize (and what we present-day Westerners definitely don't realize), there's a world of difference between the authoritarian stance of the Soviets, and their closed-market economy, and the concept of communism as devised by Marx. If anyone anywhere had the strength of character to actually relate their lives to the Communist Manifesto, we wouldn't need a Stasi-style watchdog breathing down our necks.

    And the reason I get triggered by this is because it not just an academic, historical problem. To use your example, the way the Russians went nuts over Pepsi and Burger King (amazing footage, by the way), is an exact parallel with the way English people's heads have been turned by vacuous foreign companies like BMW, and Audi, while our own Honda factory (which is just down the road from where I live) is due to shut down. Now, to me, a car is a car, but I can maybe forgive people for having funny tastes ...under normal circumstances. But my country is about to secede from the international world in a way no one's ever seen before. We need to close ranks. On the day the Brexit result was released, we should've launched a huge 'buy British' initiative, just to strengthen our economy - and who could've argued with that? - but it didn't even occur to us. That's why the free market economy is wan k.

    And another thing, when the, it was, blah, blah, blah, mutter, rant, blah...

  • @Karina-Kara K, I respect your experiences, and couldn't have put it better myself.

    Ditto, I'd hate you to think I'm just an armchair socialist: my maternal granddad was an Aerospace union leader, my paternal granddad a gang-leader for a water-supply company, and my dad after him.

    I wouldn't say it's 'nice' that my dim view of humanity is shared by someone but ...OK, it is nice (in a dark kinda way).

  • @Indrid-Cold
    Dark is nice. A lot nicer then light, which just blinds you if you stay for too long and it reveals all the blemishes and scars.
    The dark makes everyone equal. Everyone becomes a shadow. Everyone becomes one. Whole even.

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