Feeling hopeless and not knowing what to do

  • @Scottish lol smart arse

  • @cant-breathe are you british? That's too u.k. an insult for you to be from anywhere else!

  • No but my daughter does a great British accent when she curses I watch to much Brit comedy and I like the international movies guess it stuck lol

  • I can try to help i was also in a relationship for a long time and also married ...
    so maybe i can say something to it ..
    and my relationship also hurted me when she got to cheated on me so maybe you wanna talk it out in private helps you a bit more.
    if you need someone to help you or talk i am there

    greetings from Japan

  • @Earliy said in Feeling hopeless and not knowing what to do:

    Hey @PenitentDuckling .We love you. An effort sharing this is an overwhelming depiction of your strength and courage. Any one who abuses, mistreats and

    Is absolutly right ! it needs a lot of strengh to go throught this

  • @Earliy yes u go also throught this and i know how it hurts and it left a lot darkness

  • @PenitentDuckling “ Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I found. It’s the small everyday deeds of ordinary folks that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love “. —Gandalf lord of the rings

    I feel like he said it best. No matter what crap life throws at you know that you are here on this earth so at some point someone loved you and cared for you and wanted you to survive and succeed. Besides we live in a world with untold billions of people, there is someone out there that has your interests and likes at heart you just need to sift through the dirt to find that gold!

    Coming from myself that struggles with depression. The thing that reminds me to not end it is my family. No matter what stupid things I’ve done they always forgive and love me. Just think of something or someone who does that for you! And speaking of your screen name . “Penitent” Is that a Indiana Jones reference? If so the best one was Last Crusade incase you were wondering!!! 😂

  • Congrats for getting out! Well done. Please seek some help through a doctor to seek a professional therapist. I did. Best decision of my life x

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