Make your own story!

  • You are stuck in the woods with a matchbox with 32 matches and a hatchet. How do you survive?

  • Find water.
    Start fire.
    Build shelter.
    Make spear and arrows.
    Use guts to make string for bow and fishing line.
    Build traps.
    Signal planes. Etc.
    Amass enough dried food and water to set out on foot following the same direction all the time until I get back to civilization. Stopping only long enough to amass more supplies to continue hike before the weather ends up being the death of me.

  • Collect all the dry woods and make 'em suitable for burning and spread them out all over a small region around the trees and then burn them so as to cause a forest wildfire which will garner media attention, thereby increasing the chances of my quick rescue from the woods.


  • I burn down the whole forest made up entirely out of pinewood because the people here in Germany are actually dumb enough to do so and thus create the biggest signal fire ever recorded by human history.

    The hatchet will be used to attack any helping humans in order to rob them of their belongings.

  • Why do I get the feeling this is the same type of trick question that Vic & Bob would use to torment Ullllllrik-ka-ka-ka?

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