I dunno what to feel.. :'(

  • @Karina-Kara yeah you're right.. the more I experience something like this. I appreciate life that much. It pushed me to become a good person to anyone. It pushed me to live life meaningfully.

  • @Karina-Kara yeah, I used to listen a lot of that.. thank you.Good Book is a great way escape too

  • @ItsLiz thaaank you.I was moved by this, and you are right. I just kinda accepted already our (human) fate. Death is inevitable, we can delay it but we can't stop it. I know how tranquil their life after this.. free from cruelty , pain and sadness. It's normal to shed tears , I just feel pain and embrace it. Pain demands to be felt, then moved on til it hurts no more. I want to still wear a smile on my face after this, I have to be strong for my family and relatives who are weak. They need strength even when it times they cannot summoned the courage

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