Do you think life exists outside of Earth?

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  • Yes of course, there are more galaxies in the universe than sand grains on earth, and even more earth like planets.

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    Yes. There are astronauts working outside earth. 🤣

  • The only way to know for sure is to develop a proper space exploration program.



    Yes, I think soooo... There are so many galaxies out there and I mean different life forms might be able to live in different conditions that might be provided in other galaxies!

    @Itiel said in Do you think life exists outside of Earth?:

    @PrincessLenneth No. Because there is universal law which say that if any planet should have at least 12 "facts", for example the right lvl of oxygen, how the planet close to the sun etc, who make it worth living. For now only earth have that.

    I get what you are saying but isn't that assuming all life forms needs the exact same conditions earth life forms need to live?
    If a fish can live underwater all their life why cant there be a lifeform that actually need, what we would call, extreme conditions so it could survive?

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    @PrincessLenneth "If there is no life outside Earth, then the universe is a great waste of space" (Carl Sagan)

  • @Itiel Clearly it's happened before so what stops it from happening again? As @Alte said, more galaxies in the universe than grains of sand on Earth

  • @PrincessLenneth I think it probably does, considering the size of the universe - just because all the planets that we’ve discovered don’t have life on them doesn’t mean that others which we don’t know about don’t. If life can exist on Earth there’s a possibility that it exists on similar planets. It’s cool though, they might be having the same discussion.

  • @PrincessLenneth I dunno but sedlyf I dont belong to the 100 people who will remain in the running for a one-way trip to Mars, expected to leave Earth in 2024.. 😞

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    It depends from what kind of life form you're trying to find. For me even a stone can be a life form, or even a cloud of gas. But despite of it, the universe is so large, and I think that our's siblings exists somewhere. Of course our civilization can never meet them.

  • @PrincessLenneth I think the real question is: Does life even exists on Earth?
    This can all be a simulation, life might not even be real. If it is though of course there is other life omg is that even a question you barnacle?

  • @PrincessLenneth No. Because there is universal law which say that if any planet should have at least 12 "facts", for example the right lvl of oxygen, how the planet close to the sun etc, who make it worth living. For now only earth have that.

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    I would bet whatever it was that yes, this topic has always seemed interesting, you can spend hours and hours reading and seeing things about it. 🤔

  • I thought you'll never ask!

    We have only 20x great grandparents dating back to the start of our own civilization here on Earth. 20 x 100 hundred years old. (20 centuries.) We know that there has been more civilizations but our civilization can reach Mars. 🙂

    Life is simply too good at what it does for it to stop right here on this planet. Life did not ask. It just took. It has happened before and it will happen again. I believe it happens all of the time on other planets too!

    What we our looking at here ladies and gentlemen is indeed the existence of alien humanoids out there somewhere. (We have this feeling because history repeats itself and that goes for RNA and DNA too.) I say humanoid because I would like offer the conception that there may be some that are from planets like Earth and they may have evolved to scientific intelligence. They have inherited certain cells depending on the their native habitat. We have inherited cells from a mixture of plant, insect, fish, reptilian, amphibian and primate but those are the only life groups we know of. There may be humanoids out there that have inherited genes that we can only imagine and their hormones do things that again we can only imagine. There may even be such life out there that do things we can not even perceive in our minds. The kinds of things only a God can know about and understand.

    The questions are not if and where they exist because the first one is for those who do not appreciate the power of their own existence. The second one is for those who do not appreciate just how far these portions of life may be from on another. Space goes on forever and ever.

    The questions are how we learn about their presence and what will it do to the modern human mind in these PC times? If one of us discovers the other through signals or probes it is likely to be buried. (Such things are dismissed as hoaxes right here on Earth.) Will a Martian Archaeology Expedition dig up humanoids? Will they have wings and if they do will the people back here on Earth go to pieces if they discover that they were the angels documented in all of our archives? Were they Satan and that is that why the word 'Mars' is Latin for the word 'War'?

    But what if they may psychologically or physically approach us? Will they be colonial? Will they be Brexiters or will they be remainers?

    I believe in aliens.

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    @PrincessLenneth I believe that we were engineered by aliens. So yeah.

  • We simply have no way of knowing (yet).

    First of all we don't even know if we know everything that is required for life to begin. Heck we don't even know how life began (and no a few Amino Acids in a tub, are not even close to "creating life", even bacterial DNA are incredibly complicated chains of those simpler building blocks)...

    When you hear "Other lifeforms might need other conditions to live" you might be inclined to think, that the myriads of possibilities to live make myriads of different ways of life possible, but the simple truth is there are 8 planets in the solarsystem, and only one of them has life (of course we might have to explore further but so far we are pretty sure). So there are definitely waaaaaay more conditions under which there will certainly be no life at all.

    The criteria we believe are required are narrowing it down pretty hard. For example Scientists assume that without the moon (and the tides) life woudn't have developed here on earth. Not 10 moons, 1 is required.

    Also the universe is pretty young actually (14 billion years is young for a universe, life on earth took about 3.5 billion years, to become what it is today). Earth might really be the first planet to have life. And it is even more likely that we are the first intelligent lifeform in the universe.

    Yes there is a huge number of planets in the universe. But most of those are just dead rocks. We don't know how propable life is. We just don't have enough information.

  • @The-wise-one i gave example. They might have the right oxygen but on the other hand the planet too close to the sun.

  • @tehuzak Because of the universal law. and when you don't have the 12 things which make planet worth living then no matter how much galaxies you have. not to to mention the fact we didn't find any galaxy which have life in it.

  • Hey don't hurt my reputation ..... I am san-sui from Mars..😂

  • Battle of Los Angelos.
    1947 Roswell crash.
    Operation Highjump.
    Foo-fighters (World War 2 U.F.O. Phenomenons).
    Surely all human-made by that time!

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