Where is Everyone?

    Hey.. I like that u also into astrology like I'm .. I made a lot of hypothesis on astrology concepts.. N I made new one(more then one) while reading ur topic..

    1. maybe they know human r not worthy yet to know em. N waiting for being like them so they have to visit us for their growth.. I mean who don't think about own profit .. Maybe aliens think too..
    2. maybe they visit our planet but they know how to talk with other species, like dog, cat, dolphins , octopus.. N they got enough data to judge humans ..
    3. or they somehow find a way to jump into dimensions for fast af space travel.. N who knows when die then we open eyes in another dimension called "heaven/hell" ..
    4. maybe we r nobita's science project or someone like nobita n that guy store us in doremon's pocket... 😅
    5. or they really far away from us .. Btw did u know that "wow message" people says that message is send by aliens.. N we still not able to decode that.. That message received on 15 Aug 1977 n some scientists says that message sent 200 years ago .. (So yeah.. Aliens exist for sure.. N they r not just only one).
    6. or they want us to be like em before our meet up .. Blah blah blah..
      I just over think .. 😅
      Btw I'm not astrology student but like to make hypothesis ..
      U gave me boost for my Friday's fact.. Don't miss that.. U will love that 😉 .. (N now lemme change ur username -_-)

  • I agree with this analysis. The problem of our science, however advanced, is that it can only admit carbon bonds to constitute life as we know it, for in this rock lost in space was the only viability possible from the simplest organizations. Variations of non-formed carbon organizations would be interesting news to us. Too bad we have no comparative elements so our science can theorize about other forms of life.

    yeah.. Some people thinks that was their goodbye message like we r moving another galaxy or something xD

  • @Iservejustice said in Where is Everyone?:


    I can say the same for your comment too.

  • @FakeSpidey33

    Man you're full of surprises!
    Never thought you too were into astronomy.

    Also, that 'wow' message messed me up big time.
    Like just imagine,
    There is an alien civilisation on some distant solar system, getting consumed by an inter-galactic overlord. And, this message was their warning signal to other planets, about the overlord.

    Give some more insight about this on Friday. Will be waiting!

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