Have you ever experienced the paranormal?

  • Have you?
    Me, nope. Just experienced some hallucinations and pranks and misunderstandings.
    If you have a great story to tell pls doo. Spook me out. I miss being scared of ghosts and stuff😭.
    Also i wanted to say that you can share any good stories that you've heard too. BC i doubt many people here have met ghosts and werewolves irl haha

    P.S. No one would mind a made up story as long as it's good 😉

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    I never experience , n I don't want to in future , but my cousin sister showed me a pic 2 years ago . in that pic there was a 3-4 years old girl n a broken doll in 2 pieces .
    So the story was.
    A 3-4 year old girl live with her parents somewhere (I forgot place 😅). That girl found a doll , that doll's height is same as that girl . she bring that doll to home n show her parents.. That doll was d i r t y* , but that girl likes that doll so they both agreed to keep that.. Then she played with her like she played with her friend. Sometimes she told her mom that "mamma, that doll talk to me.. So is so sweet!". Her mom thinks that she just being happy n saying whatever she like that time. So she didn't bother that.. Few days later they her parents went outside somewhere n leave her daughter alone in home.. After they come back home , there was broken lamps n they saw that girl broke that doll in two pieces.. Body n head was separated . they both come close to their daughter , she was calm n sit on floor. They calling her n she turns back .
    Her parents was terrified. Coz they saw what was in that pic
    They saw a doll body n their daughter's head, Blood n that doll's head was on that girl's body.. That doll smiled .. N runs towards them n bite on neck n kills both ..
    (That was real story according to my cousin sister.. N I always get goosebumps when I think about it.. N now too 3 times)

    btw good night my daughter 😇

    n idk y d i r t y is censored -_-

  • Music Lovers

    i saw @sasuke33 once!

  • Prepare to yourselves to be spooked

    There was a group of 4 friends driving in a route that was known for causing a lot of accidents due to the nature of the turns and cross turns... Cars would often crash against each other or lose control and go out of the lane...
    Anyway it was very night... about 4-5 am... It was pitch dark and this group of friends were driving home back from a party they went when suddenly, they noticed a very pale chick asking for a ride in the middle of that deserted route... They stoped the car and picked the chick up... She was freezing, like she was dead... But they figured it was normal since she was out at that time of the year dressed like that (white summer dress).
    Eventually they were all talking between each other and she said something like this "and it was on this exact turn, that I crashed the car against the wall* and poof, she vanished...

    Was it just a ghost? Were they high/drunk cuz they were at the party? What do you guys think? 😏 🤔

  • what can i say, I can not experience the paranormal, but as a ghost sometimes I can make someone experience it.

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    @ChaosKing said in Have you ever experienced the paranormal?:

    There is nothing paranormal or supernatural!

    You seem to be so sure about it, like it's a fact.
    I choose to keep an open mind about this subject, we live in a mysterious place and we are mysterious creatures that act like we know it all but we know nothing 🤭

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  • @Kana

  • @Kana not me unfortunately but somethings have happened to my friend's mother. so the husband got another job offer and re locate and they were living in an old mansion. the wife was 5/6 months pregnant and from day 3 itself she started having these horrible nightmares about their mansion's garden and she would wake up with really bad cramps. both the husband and wife didnt think much of it. One day on this regular Friday night, both of them were invited to this office party and since the wife wasn't feeling that well, the husband decided go alone for a little while. When he reached there and was asked about his wife, he informed his boss about the whole situation and the boss freaked out and told him to get back to her. There is this old tale surrounding that house. there was a pregnant lady who lived there with her husband and another little kid and for some reason that husband didn't want her to have a kid, so on the night of the childbirth when the baby died and her husband mysteriously disappeared, she jumped off the balcony with her little kid and dead baby. and it is said that she vowed that no woman would ever be able to have a baby in that house..... back to the present story, the husband ran back to his wife and found her bleeding in the bed, she'd had a miscarriage and when the husband told the wife about this tale, she made him dig up the garden and they saw that there were bones belonging to four people buried there..... these guys then shifted out, went back to their old city and gave birth to my friend.

  • @Kana also In my hometown, here is this beach which is categorised as one of the top haunted places and at night if you drive by it, you can hear weird noises and screams (I've never heard them because my parents don't let me go there and my friends are big wusses and don't wanna go with me and I'm not very brave to go alone). one day, really early in the morning me and my friends went there and we saw a dead body just lying there and the forensics had absolutely no clue of how he died. it's still an unresolved mystery.

  • @TheRisingSun


    And i want a story. Howsoever bad. 😑

    @sasuke33 ooof i like it 😮
    Good night to you too 😊 (with lots of nightmares. I just hope you survive the night 😏)

    No one is afraid of -dare i say it- cute ghosts 😏😏😏

    haha mom can give me nightmares sometimes too 😏

  • @Kana I went to a abandoned place and saw a group of goats one of them looked very attractive  i tried to send them away from me, every goat had gone except one which seemed attractive  it was looking at me. Gradually i started to fear and it slowly raised in air and turned into a female ghost It's pure white her face was covered. I ran away from there it took sometime  for me to recover from that incident.

  • @Kana Ive only experienced one normal not a paranormals 😂

  • So recently my friend told me this story... And i need help understanding it lol

    So there's this famous haunted forest that two dudes want to go in. Because they heard it's unsafe, they decide to take a local boy with them. They plan it all and go to sleep.
    One dreams that two is telling him to not tell anyone "what we saw in the night".
    He then wakes up to his phone ringing and realises that it's the local boy they had to go with the next day.
    The local was calling from the forest, and was scared out of his wits. A rescue party was then sent for him and they found him shivering and freaked out in the forest.
    When the local boy saw the first guy , he looks at him with fear and yells at him hysterically while pointing at the second guy, "it is not him! It is not him!"
    So what he meant was, that the other dude wasn't actually the same person, but someone else who had taken his place.

    I found this spooky even tho I'm still confused what actually happened. Tell me what you think happened.
    I think the three of them had gone to the forest where the "ghost" had killed and/or replaced two and freaked out the local but couldn't kill him. And to act innocent he removed one's memory and pretended it never happened.

  • There is nothing paranormal or supernatural!
    But I have experienced a sleep paralysis with some fuckin auditory and visual hallucination. It scared the shit out of me.
    I had it when I was living in hostel, that night i slept in my friends room

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    @ChaosKing said in Have you ever experienced the paranormal?:

    @TheRisingSun I don't wanna believe in it, that's all.

    Fair enough

  • Um so, i wanted to edit the topic and add this there 😑😑😑 but I can't. So i wanted to say that you can share any good stories that you've heard too. BC i doubt many people here have met ghosts and werewolves irl haha.

    Edit: thanks @Durwin for copying this to the topic 🙂

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    @Kana yeah i miss being scared as well. İ remember once i was lying on my bed and heard this unusual voice it scared the shit out of me but when i looked outside it was a plastic bag drifted with wind. That's what took all my fears lol

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    @Kana wouldn't have been here if I did...straight dead 😰

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    @Kana said in Have you ever experienced the paranormal?:

    Um so, i wanted to edit the topic and add this there 😑😑😑 but I can't. So i wanted to say that you can share any good stories that you've heard too. BC i doubt many people here have met ghosts and werewolves irl haha.

    Edit: thanks @Durwin for copying this to the topic 🙂

    Welcome 🙂

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