Tell me guys, would you ever want to donate a little extra money to your kid's school if it helped their cause and gave them a better position than the rest?

  • recently I was talking to some people about how a few parents in my boarding school used to get special privileges because they donated some extra money and their kid got more opportunities than the rest of our lot. I think till a certain extent if you're there and giving your kid who's already super talented a little push and securing their position so that in future they have a stronger ground to stand on and are able to achieve more( by themselves), its completely fine. Don't we all want the luck to be on our side and want to get as many factors in our favour as we can, after al we do live in a competitive world.🤔

  • @onism
    I would take my kid off that school. Students are supposed to be treated equally in the given fees unless specified otherwise.

  • @onism

    I wouldn't want my kid to study in such environment, he/she has to be the best cuz he/she works for that, not cuz I paid for that achievement, there shouldn't be any favoritism for kids development as it could incite this kind of behaviour in this generation!

  • @Kana okay so when it comes to education its more about instilling all the Morales and once we get out of there we're probably more compatible with using 'other resources'?...... I myself would never do that for my kids but I don't really get the hate directed towards such students and parents.

  • @Lurker I think I'll delete the other view from my head since so many people have responded in a similar way. thanks


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