Narcissistic abuse

  • I know what it is, I know all too much about it. I know it will never get better. But how does one safely walk away from a narcissist? How does one break free without being caught up in their storm? It's not as easy as the self help books & therapists say it is. Involving the authorities isn't always the answer either. I feel stuck....I want out but have nothing safe to fall back I the cycle of misery

  • The secret to happiness is to eat,sleep, implement proper plans and not to give a fck

  • Who what where when why and how? I hope u find a better path tho

  • I sympathize with you. Could you please elaborate about your situation

  • Freedom Writers - Writing Movie Buff

    It takes time. That's the sh**y answer. It feels like forever because it's such a roller coaster of emotions, but you do get out. And then you heal, like, seriously heal, so you learn how to avoid these people. You stay until you are able to leave, but you leave. You leave and you dont look back, dont believe a word they said and you survive hell. Actually, hell must feel like a walk in the park after living with a narc. ❤ ❤

  • I just want you to know that LIFE is too short to be unhappy.. this is the time for you to get up and walk away from that gloomy life. There's still a lot of good things and people awaits for you. Move on, easier said than done but you can make it! Redirect your focus as well, there's a lot of interesting stuffs to put your attention to.. stay positive and cheers to a happy life 🙂

  • Dispose of them while they sleep, a sizable kitchen knife should be sufficient.

  • I love your topic

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