I Hate My Life Because……

  • I Hate My Life Because……

    Wounds Are The Space From Where The Light Enters
    “I hate my life” is a scream which is a result of frustration, disappointments, pain, and anger. The feeling of being stuck in a dark room or getting exhausted is one of the worst feelings a person could ever experience. No matter how bad the situation is, there is always a knob on every closed door. Try yourself to open it or seek help if required but the truth is that there is always a shiny day after a dark night. The success rate depends on how emotionally resilient we are. If there are weaknesses so work hard on them and try to fix them as well.

    Reasons why I hate my life

    1.I Hate My Life Because I Could Not Score Good In My High School

    Not having good grades is a big dilemma. Most probably it could be the first reason ever which put you into depression and the thought “i hate my life” triggered in your mind. Well, here you must know that the one cannot be successful until he fails. It is a common yet motivating saying that problems lead to the solution and failures leads to success.
    Besides being into a deep depression and hating the most precious gift you got from God (your life) think about the causes behind the failure. Work hard to fix the lacking areas and have faith in yourself. Nothing could stop you in being successful except your own self.

    I Hate My Life Because My Love Ditched Me

    Always keep in mind that the right person for you will always stay in your life doesn't matter how many hardships are there. life is a long journey on a rocky road in which the stranger becomes a companion and sometimes companion leaves too.
    So don't feel bad if someone has left because if there was any good in them they would stay for sure. Move on in your life because every ending is a new beginning. Explore the world and find your soulmate.

    I Hate My Life Because I am Unable to Have my Desired Career

    One thing you should keep in your mind that life is not a race but a journey. Run, walk or crawl but keep moving and progressing. There are no such time limits and age frames which can decide your success rates. Some people start their job career at 25 while others become an entrepreneur at 22.

    Don't get disheartened if you feel that your friends and colleagues are progressing better than you. Work hard for the things you want to achieve and remember that there are no comparisons between the sun and the moon, they both shine at their own time.
    Every 1/10 US citizen is suffering from depression due to their job, this example is a motivation for us. Doesn't matter how many utter despair moments you face always keep in mind that you are not alone.

    I Hate My Life Because of Workload….

    Working hard and working smart are two different things. Use your guts and pick smartly the ways and technique you are using to work. A workload would be a fun if you change the style of working.
    Leave your office assignments, deadlines, work fatigue and workload at the gate. When you enter your car, be happy and relax. Enjoy the other half of your day as you want. Be sure that this precious time won't come back ever and there would be no screams as ”I hate my life” in your brain anymore.

    I Hate My Life Due to Depression……

    Depression is a big dark ocean. You could have drawn in it without even knowing. The first thing that will trigger in your mind after getting into depression would be “I hate my life” because you always get depressed when you count dark sides of your life instead of blessings.
    Any incident, tragedy, or sometimes nothing can lead you into a deep depression. Be aware of the depression symptoms they are not always the same. Be aware of your mental condition and take a professional help because the brain is more fragile than the body and should be treated well.
    There are plenty of depression symptoms and depression medicines are available. First figure out your symptoms then goes for medication or treatment wisely. Sometimes it becomes hard to know you are suffering from depression because there is also a type of depression known as smiling depression.
    People suffering to this type wear a face mask, while from inside they feel like killing themselves. Be gentle with yourself because you are the one who needs yourself most.

    I Hate My Life Because I am Unable to Make it The Way I Want

    We can plan, we can try, we can work hard but the rest is not in our hands. When the things don't turn the way you want so you might get upset and your inner voice could be “I hate my life”. Be strong, wait, work hard and watch because it takes too short to change the entire situation.
    Your hard work will be paid for sure. Have faith and keep trying because there is always a bright morning after a dark night.

    What I Do to Get Rid of This “I Hate My Life” Tickling Thought

    Here I would like to tell you some tricks to get rid of this hateful thoughts. Kick off this depression and breathe in some positivity because life is too short to waste on depressive thoughts. Let's explore how you could enjoy it the most:

    • Neglect the negative and absorb the positive: by neglecting the negativity you could absorb positive vibes. This would not only help you to live a better life but also it will kill the depressive thoughts. Always remember that life is too short to waste on thinking about the things which you can't help or change.
      Have patience and tolerance: if you want to be happy, increase the level of patience in you. There are numerous situations in a day that could be against your will but be stoicism and keep yourself calm.
    • Count the blessings instead of hardships:** doesn't matter how dark the night is, there is always a bright day waiting for you. Whenever you felt that life is treating you hard, be ready to receive something good.


    • Give love and get love:** love cannot be divided, instead it always gets multiplied. Give love and positivity to others and be ready to receive it back twice. By spreading love and positivity you would be the one who feels the difference first.

    • Change yourself: change yourself if you have the courage to change the entire world. Quite your negative habits and don't hesitate in adopting the positive ones. Remember, there is no such thing as too late until you are breathing.

    • Give more expect less: if you always want to be happy in life so always try to give more and expect least in return. We all know expectations lead to disappointments and they are too painful and hard to handle.

    • Live and let live: always try to stay away from others matters. Live the way you want and let others live too. The less you interrupt the more you stay happy. Don't bother your fragile brain to think about others, you have your own things to think and work on.

    • Never lose hopes: remember that hope is the power which can change the entire scenario. Never lose hope doesn't matter how bad the situation is. Keep that in mind that if there is a will there is always a way.

    How Social Media Can Be Helpful In Controlling Depression

    Social interaction could be beneficial for you if you are trying to cope up those screaming thoughts in your mind. By diverting your mind with the help of some fun chat or activities you can get rid of the thought we have discussed as “I hate my life”.
    Multiple social networking sites are there to change your depressing life into fun and interesting one. TalkwithStranger is a platform where you can interact with millions of people from all around the world. It is a chat junction which has hundreds of options to entertain your depressed mind. The instant happiness you get by chatting or talking with happy people will instantly reduce your depression for sure.

    How Talk With Stranger Could Help Me In Getting Rid Of Negative Thoughts

    It is a huge platform where you can meet, greet, chat and interact with people from all around the world. If you are a lonely and social deprived person so this platform could be a blessing for you. Chat with the people who have mutual interests, you can form a good relationship from these chat rooms.
    There are plenty of chat rooms which have lots of people who won't judge you for your failures. Freely explore these chat rooms, chat there and find some new means of life.
    There are also dating sites, spend quality time there and find someone who can fill the wounds of your broken heart.
    Chat with all, meet some and date only one. Experience this formula and you will get happiness for sure.

    Social Media Friendships And Relationships Can Be Trustworthy?

    In, this present era we are more close and connected to our virtual relationships than real ones. Try to communicate and chat more often to know about the person in depth. First built the trust then move further.
    Use multiple social networking sites to explore more good yet genuine people. TalkwithStranger is the best place for this purpose as there are plenty of chat rooms with a heap of people. Talk to them, spent time, have a funny chit-chat and forget all the depressive thoughts.

    What Type Of Chat Rooms Talks With Stranger Have?

    If I say it is a magic world which will blow out all the depressive thoughts that are tingling in your mind so it won't be wrong. Multiple chat rooms are there waiting for you to connect with the world of fun and happiness. Some popular chat rooms similar to TalkwithStranger are:
    Tiny Chat
    Chat Avenue

    People of all ages are free to use them. Gain confidence and knowledge along with fun. Doesn't Matter How Old Are You? What is your gender? Either you are lesbian or gay. Fun is for everyone at the TalkwithStranger.

    After joining these chat rooms you will never get those depressive thoughts. Your mind will never scream “I hate my life”. Instead of that, your heart will shout I love my life.

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