For the people who are dealing with something and thinking about .....

  • Everything will be fine .. Easy to say , I know.. But I am just here to remind you, YES you! That, when you are depressed about something, don't let it cloud your thoughts. Suicide is never a great escape tbh. You will just give pain to people who care for you and to people you care about; an unbearable pain.. I know you are thinking that ending your life will save you from feeling all of these things you are going through. There are a lot of great things and people to discover with , don't waste your chance of experiencing something amazing in your life. Fight your inner demons, don't lose hope on everything.. There's always light after darkness. When you feel like you're in a tunnel, remember that there's always a light at the end of it. Just think of it as a part of everyone's life, we all go through things like this. Vent it out, write it out, talk someone you trust, redirect your focus, pray, sing, do whatever makes you feel happy.. Smile and be positive in life's negativeness. Look at life through a binocular of possibilities. I am willing to lend my ears on you and accept you without prejudice. Have a nice day! 🙂

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    @cjko I feel depressed and low becoz I fell in love with the most bootiful woman I ever met.... It got worse when I proposed to her and she rejected me.
    and rejects my attempt to contact her.
    It keeps me up at night, and I feel that my heart will not mend.... This is why I am suffering..

  • @cjko THANK YOU!

  • I’m 58 and I have that constant every day thought of drinking. I am alone most the week depressed upset and only thing I can turn to his alcohol to ease the pain

  • Welp, that's a message with a huge potential, enough for people with problems, and have some thoughts on how to deal with certain types of problems.

    In my case, when I have problems with something, i always tries to find a solution for the problem, i'll never give up with it.

  • I know the problems ! Battling west Nile and Rocky Mountain spotted fever has affected my life tremendously. Plus being away out of the country from people someone to talk to someone to relate to would be 18 to 20 miles away

  • Yeah man I have been dealing with some very troublesome stuff like turns out my ex is a furry and my dad's gay also I have a fettish for people stepping on bread. I just can't take it

  • @niks-niks I feel your sentiments.. But I think, everything happens for a reason. Timing is the key here.. The universe doesn't agree with the decisions you have made yet. It's okay to feel things like that, it's normal. Time will heal all wounds , don't consume all your energies on that matter. Maybe she's not yet the woman who are destined to be yours, be patient and continue to do great things for women. There is always someone for anyone, maybe she haven't found yet the map towards your life. Be positive and spread love !

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    @cjko Thank you for such comforting words. They mean alot..

  • @Nishty you are welcome..

  • @Josel Thanks for sharing this.. Well, for me, alcohol doesn't help. It will just give you headache and leave you feel wasted after. Try those things you haven't done before which will bring you positive feelings and outcomes. Make friends, reach out to people you care and who care for you, discover new things which will enhance your well being, go to a place where you can make memories with,get a pet , pray, sing your heart out loud, do arts, make crafts. In short, redirect your focus. Don't waste your remaining time on Earth feeling negative, live life to the fullest and make use of your time for great things.

  • @Mr-Ghost that's great then. But it's so sad to know that most of the people here are not like you. Being mentally strong is really hard to achieve; sharing every possible way to get rid of feeling like this is a great help.

  • @Josel that's where this site TWS was meant for..

  • Everything will be fine real soon.. that's part of the lessons in life you must be aware of. Just don't let emotions (especially negative emotions) dictate you, listen to your inner voice. Listen to your conscience..

  • @niks-niks you are welcome. I am pleased to know that you are being comforted with those words.. cheers to a happy life !

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